True Meaning of LOVE

this is like rated r so if you're under 13 i wouldn't read this. just a warning. hope you like it............


5. the get together

Brittney's P.O.V


well i just got a call from harry and asked if i wanted to come over and i could bring a friend. im going im going to see if alicia wants to go definently and Margaret. well i have to call Margaret  "hi its Britt" "hey whats up'' ''nothing but i was wondering if you want to come to this guys harry's house with me" "sorry i cant i have a family graduation" " well maybe next time bye" " see you later''. looks like shes not coming. great. well im going to ask alicia now. " hey alicia do want to come with me tomorrow to harry's so im not alone" "yea sure pick me up whenever" " k well bye" " bye". sweet at least im not only going to be there. 


(next day)


Brittney's P.O.V


well i woke up this morning and felt great and ready to go to harry's. i texted him    To hazza- hey um can u send the address so i can go.     From hazza- sure love its right next to the mall take a right and it'll be that huge  creamish white house    To hazza- thanks c ya l8ter i got ready i decided to curl my hair, dark blue flared skinny jeans, and a pink t with a pink sweatshirt. i really didnt give a fuck on how i looked so i just put mascara on. i texted alicia saying i would be there in 10. i got in my car and started listening to my radio. i finally got to alicias house and she outdid it. "what are you wearing" "why do you care Britt" " what ever get in" when we were driving i was talking about how cute harry was with dimples, curly hair, green eyes, everything a girl could ever ask for. we got at the house it was huge so i said to Alicia " this is the biggest house i have ever seen in my whole fucking life" " this is fucking awesome im glad i wore this" we walked in and it was awesome it was as big as a fucking palace. "hey" "whats up Britt" "nothing really i just got here"  " well i want you to meet the boys" "what boys" '' these ones" after he said that four boys walked in the room. after the last guy walked out my face just dropped and then went to a smile. "omg what the fuck, louis yay i havent seen you in forever" " Brittney" we just ran to eachother and gave eachother a huge hug. so harry said "do u guys know eachother" "yea we were best friends in elementary, middleschool, and highschool but then he had to go to the X-Factor and we havent seen eachother since". i think harry was jealous. alicia and i got to know them and niall yelled '' i call the hot one" alicia just smiled, looked at her feet, and blushed. we decided to watch a movie. it was a scary one too so i was cuddling with harry and alicia was cuddling with niall. i could tell they picked this movie on purpose so we would cuddle with them. out of nowhere i looked up at harry and kissed him straight on the lips. he started kissing back and it got to a kiss to passionate true love kiss. we got interrupted by alicia laughing. so i decided to fllick her off and she knew i was just joking so we both just laughed same with louis because they know when i flick someone off it means i just had sex. the other boys didnt get it and said " why are you guys laughing" we all said at the same time " inside joke"


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