True Meaning of LOVE

this is like rated r so if you're under 13 i wouldn't read this. just a warning. hope you like it............


3. New crush

Brittney's P.O.V.


Alicia and i just got at school and it took like 10 minutes to find a parking lot. we would have got one in the first minute but these bitches took it.  they are really slutty. they told us "go fuck somewhere else, like you even have" so i said "hey bitches i have fucked someone before but at least he wasn't younger then me" "what does that mean" "it means you cant find someone to fuck with your own age". so we just left after that. we got out of the car, got in school and went to our classes. it was a boring day first i had s.s, science, algebra, l.a, Latin, singing, art, and gym. once i was done with those classes, i decided to just walk home. well when i was walking guess what i saw. Bradley making out with Kourtney.  i went up to him and just said "son of a bitch" he might of caught the message i was trying to tell him because his face went to kissing to tears. while i was walking i called Alicia and told her what just happened. well also while i was walking home this guy kept staring at me. i couldn't see his face because he had a hoodie on blocking his face. like he didn't want anyone to see him. 


Harry's P.O.V


when i was walking to the studio, i saw the most beautiful girl. i couldnt stop staring at her. she looked back at me, i was going to go up to her and say hi but i could tell she wasnt in the mood. maybe breakup or something. i dont know. i could hear her swearing so i let out a laugh. she came and walked over to me and said "is there something wrong" "o no'' ''then why do you keep staring at me'' ''i think you are pretty" all she did was blush and look at the ground. "so why where you cussing, o and by the way im Harry'' i put my hoodie down so she could see my face. "well my boyfriend just used me to go in bed with me, im Brittney but some people call me Britt" "well its nice to meet you Britt" "nice to meet you too harry" we talked for about 10 more minutes and we swapped numbers. cant wait to tell the boys.

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