True Meaning of LOVE

this is like rated r so if you're under 13 i wouldn't read this. just a warning. hope you like it............


4. Britt talk

Harry's P.O.V


well i finished talking to Britt and i think a couple fans saw me. o great. im lucky im like 5 blocks away from the studio. but just to make sure im putting my hoodie up. i cant wait to tell the boys about Britt, i dont think she was a fan because she didnt scream in my ear saying "omg you're HARRY STYLES..." she doesnt seem like that type of person. shes the type if she has to say something she'll say it anything, infront of everyone. i wonder if the boys know her or have ever met her? lets find out.


Louis' P.O.V


I dont know why but harry walked in with a huge smile on his face with his dimples extra noticable. " why are you in a such a good mood hazza" " o about that i met a girl" niall yelled out " o are u dating WHATS HER NAME" "no we're not dating and her name is Brittney but she says people call her Britt" o i might know her "hey whats her last name" "idk, why do u want to know lou" "just wondering" "im going to ask her if she wants to come to the house for tomorrow" "great" now i can see what her last name is.  


Liam's P.O.V 


im so glad hazza has found someone for a point of time he was the only person in the market. now him, niall, me, and louis are in the market. i wonder if she has any hot friends. the way harry's describing her i can see her hanging out with hot girls. "hey hazza tell her to bring her friends too" when i said that everyone just looked at me like i was crazy. "why the fuck do you want her to bring her friends" louis just said that " what if she has hot friends" after i said that everyone just relaxed and laughed.  

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