Truly, Madly, Deeply

Leo a normal Teenage girl living with her 4 brothers in NYC experiences a life changing situation on which she loses friends, gains friends and possibly is a helper in creating one of the world most famous boy-bands. Thats right, One direction before the fame and fortune. A story of a normal girl becoming famous for just knowing and possibly dating one of the members of 1D. Little do they know what is in store for them


1. Tardy

I was running late yet again. I ran through the crowded hallways hoping to find room 201. My school  had set up a program for seniors and juniors to do. It was to help you chose what you wanted to study in college. The school called a few people and BAM we got internship things. It was only if you wanted to do it though.

Thats is why very few kids hopped on the idea. When they handed the sheet out kids were groaning, more stupid fliers. I did too until one caught my eye.

Criminal Investigation

Yes very cheesy, but growing up in New York you have to watch CSI at least once. The meeting was scheduled for today October 1st 2012. I was running late which is probably my worst habit. My school was three floors so the first floor was the 100's and so on. The second floor was where my room was so I had to run up the stairs from math where she let us out late. I Fast walked down the hallway, running was classified as being `loserish` . Fucking public schools. Doors finally started to appear and the hallway was less crowded.





And then a break for bathrooms and more lockers. Just of my luck there was a crowd of people outside the boys bathroom. Harry and Will. They were picking on a little freshman. Kid probably deserved it.






Finally. The room I needed. See rooms that end in 1 aren't classrooms they're offices. I took a deep breath. My hand touched the handed. Act normal, no tripping flailing or excessive breathing. I turned it and pushed forwards. The door creaked open. I walked inside and shut the door. I stood staring at the people inside. Do not overreact.

The room was a little office with diplomas on the walls framed. There was a cherry wood desk with a wheely chair occupied by a man no older than 50. His hair was brown, but you could tell he was old by its fading color. His eyes were grey, and it made him look mysterious but nonetheless altogether he looked like a friendly man.

In front of the desk were 2 chairs a maroon shade. Surprisingly one of the chairs was occupied by another boy. I knew him of course but I never spoke to him. He was too popular to associate with.

They both looked at me and smiled. I bit my lower lip. Speak you dipshit.

"Sorry that I'm late, my last class ran late." I blinked a few times to show that I was Innocent. A little trick I picked up from my cousin.

"No problem at all Leo I haven't started yet." Who was this man and how did he know my name. Holy shit. That's mad creepy. He smiled. "Have a seat." I did as he said and slid down into the unoccupied seat. "Would you like some tea?"

"Yes please sir."

"Any for you Leo?"

"Umm. Sure. Yeah ill have some."

"Good, while I'm gone please become acquainted your body language shows you don't exactly know each other." He got up smiling and walked into a little room attached to the side.

"Hi." He spoke. I was dreading having to actually converse. Act natural. "I'm Liam." He paused. "Payne." He smiled and extended his hand. I took it and shook it lightly.

"I'm Leo." I let go of his grip and started to fidget with the bracelets on my arm.

"What brings you here?" He placed his hands on his knee caps almost waiting for an answer.

"The name popped out to me." I shrugged. "I may or may not also be hooked onto CSI and crap." He laughed. THE LIAM PAYNE LAUGHED. Dam. I'm good. Score for me.

"Have you ever seen the mentalist?"

"I love that show!" I did a little spasm in my seat. Calm down Leo. "I love it! Cho is pretty cool for never showing emotion." He did a full on laugh at this one.

"I love how Jane always makes tea, even in strangers houses." I giggled a little bit. "I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. My friends always pester me about watching it."

"Who are your friends?" Almost on instinct I said it. Slow down, don't scare him away.

"Harry, Louis and Will." I knew those names. Harry Styles, the player jock boy-total douche. Louis Tomlinson, the class clown jock dude who's pretty nice to everyone. And Will Sweeny, a kid who is a drum god absolutely amazing at rocking out. I hung out with him once at a concert but I  don't think he remembers we were too smashed to think straight. That was an odd mix though.

"It is." Liam laughed. What did I say? Oh shit.

"Did I say that out loud!" I cover my mouth with my hands which made him laugh harder. I need to process things. That's what you get for having a poor filter. Something I can also say my cousin taught me, or forced me into doing it. His habits became my habits.

"I'm back." Mr. Jonson came back in the room with a tray with a teapot and three cups. He placed it down on the desk and poured the tea into the cups. He handed one to Liam, then one to me.

"Thank you." I grabbed it and wrapped my whole hand around it. I loved the feeling of warm things on my hand. Like hot glue, it seems weird but it feels really nice and its always fun to peel off.

Mr. Jonson sat down in his chair and folded his hands together propping them up on the desk. "Now that you two are acquainted I will begin." He took a breath and began. He told us what we were supposed to do, policy's and even though we were miners we were to be treated with respect from other employees. He also told us that after he lays a few people off he will use that old office for us. He said it was time for some new faces and high school students seemed like the best people for the job. We can work electronics and we are fairly smart. I mean I  am, I'm in advanced math and I maxed out my old language and my science course now is an elective. And that's saying much being that i'm only a junior. I don't know about Liam, my best bet is that he's dumb as a rock.

"Ok. Thats basicly all you need to know. " He unfolded his hands and turned around. Liam shot me a funny look. A confused funny one. "Here." Mr. Jonson turned again and handed Liam a folder. "Thats all the information we have on this case so far."

"Thank you." Liam said.

"Remember there is no backing out. Next meeting in here tomorrow before school starts. Leo, try to get here early."

"I'll do my best but I can't promise you anything."  Mr. Jonson laughed loudly.

"I've got some good kids." He spoke directly to himself. What a weird man, but ever one is weird in their own way. I stood up first and waved to him I turned and walked to the door. Liam thanked him and followed me. I stood in the hallway and he shut the door.

"Here, lets swap numbers." He pulled his phone out quickly and handed it to me. I slid my hand to my back pocket and handed mine to him. We stood tapping away at each others phones putting in our contact. I finished and clicked save. I handed it back to him and he handed back mine. I slipped it back in my pocket.  "So do you want to check this out?" He held up the folder.

"Why not." I shrugged.

"Lets go to Batata cafe." Yes. Yes. YES. Batata is the most amazing place ever!

"Sounds good."  I smiled at him as he took a step forward starting our walk to the cafe.


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