Truly, Madly, Deeply

Leo a normal Teenage girl living with her 4 brothers in NYC experiences a life changing situation on which she loses friends, gains friends and possibly is a helper in creating one of the world most famous boy-bands. Thats right, One direction before the fame and fortune. A story of a normal girl becoming famous for just knowing and possibly dating one of the members of 1D. Little do they know what is in store for them


3. Morning

Cold water hit my face. Freezing cold water. So I did a normal Human reaction, I screamed.

"WHAT THE FUCK!"  I sat up and blinked my eyes a few times the water trickling down the sides of my face and soaking my t-shirt.

Brian and Kyle stood there giggling. Kyle spoke up. "Good Morning Lazy ass we have school in a half hour." He calmly stated it while Brian kindly handed me a towel.

"You all are shits. Little fucking shits I tell you." Kyle rolled his eyes as I whipped the water out of my face. "You smell like shit too."

Brian scoffed and left the room probably to get dressed. " Guess what?"

"You finally did a girl!"  Sarcasm for the win. I pushed my covers off me.

"I already have, but I finally found a couch!" I got out of my bed and cracked my neck.

"Great, all we need now is a flat screen and some posters and it will be finished."

"One of my friends has an extra ice hockey table that hes giving me."

"Thats awesome. Now get out before I kill you."

"Fine Fine." He hopped out of my room  and shut the door. I opened my closet and took out a dark pair of skinny jeans and a maroon v neck sweater. No tank top underneath just a bra. Need to look partially attractive I mean I don't wear makeup and I have curves so. I grabbed  my phone and shoved it into my pocket and I put on a folded over pair of cream boots. My phone vibrated as I picked up my bag. I checked the screen it was Kim.

'going to school early today, need a ride?'

'same, yes please... WHEN'

'ill be there in 5 be outside dont wanna wait'

'kkkkkkkkk c ya'

I locked my phone and put it in my pocket and ran downstairs. Pat was sitting on the couch with a blanket on him.

"What's wrong buddy?" I stopped. He was the normal one out of my brothers. Thats my oponion though.

"I threw up this morning. No school."

"Ok. Drink some gatorade later."

"I will Le." He turned back to the TV anc continued to watch spongebob. Best show ever. I made my way into the kitchen my dad sat at the table reading the paper.

"Muffins were made." He pointed to the plate on the counter and I grabbed one.

"Thanks dad." I opened the fridge and took out the milk bottle taking a sip.

"You'll never get a date Leo." Kyle said walking in with Brian behind him.

"Wheres Dom?"

"Went to school early for intramurals."

My phone vibrated and I checked it. Kim.


'im on ittttt'

"Bye family."

"Bye Leo have a nice day." My dad said turning the page of the paper. I rushed out of the kitchen and hurried on outside to Kims car. The girl had a new CRV. It was silver. She had recently gotten her license. I opened the passenger door and got it.

"Spill now." She stated staring at me.

"Spill what?"

"You and Liam."

"Oh. That internship thing I took, well he's the other partner."

"Jesus Christ, I'm so jealous right now!" She turned on the radio to 106.1 Bli and Katy Perry blaster through the speakers. "Do you think you'll be invited to NYC loft parties thrown by him!"

"Uhhh no." She started the car.

"Just don't ditch me, I will come to your house and kill you."

"I'd never ditch you." We drove a little further and turned onto the main road.

"Liam is like totally perfect for you." We were stopped at a light. "You both play hockey and he’s captain."

"Doesnt mean hes not a douche." She gasped.

"Hes so sweet!"

"Lets just wait and see."

"Ooooo. So I smell a bet?" The light changed and we started driving.

"Yes you definitely do."

"5 bucks?"

"Im going to win."

"He will not try to make any move hes way too sweet."

"pish posh. Cher Llyods album comes out tomorrow!"


"NO shes good."

"I have to admit want you back is very catchy."

"I know. I already have it on preorder."

"You listen to some pretty weird musc though."

"Ed is amazing."

"He hasnt even had a hit on the radio yet."

"He will, hes amazing."

"Whatever you say."

We pulled into the lot of the school and she parked the car.

"What are you even doing here early?" I asked her.

"Buisness calles."

"Just dont get caught."

"I wont, I havent gotten caught yet." With that she turned and went to one of her clients cars. Yes everbody, I am best friends with a dealer, not a prostitute. She sells weed. Shes practiclly rich she gets at least 300 a month for herself. I walked up to the front doors and swiped my card to let me in it beeped. I opened the door and let my self in.

"Hold it!" I slammed  my hand on the door and a boy about my age came rushing in. "Thanks. Wheres the office?" I pointed to the office and he smiled and ran off. Wierd, ve never seen him before. Oh well dont dwell on it new kids pop up all the time. Something was off about his voice though. OHHH WELLL.

I walked to the nearest staircase and went up. I found room 201 quickly and I walked in.

"I see you have a thing for being late Leo." Mr. Jonson said looking at his watch.


"Its ok, sit down." I took my seat next to Liam. "Any Ideas you two?"

"Leo has one." Liam smirked and pointed to me."

"Do tell."

"I uhh." I stuttered a bit. "I-I-I think its the son." Mr. Jonson smiled.

"Now explain why."

I calmed myself a little, I still was nevous though. "He was the only son so that may have caused some stress on him, maybe his father favored the daughters." I continues my thoughts and the both of them remained silent looking at me.

"Great work. Now we actually have a suspect. How about today after school we send you to his house."

"I have hokey practice." Liam said.

"Ill tell the coach." Liam nodded and Mr. Jonson told us that we were going to be picked up after school today. Fun.

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