Something you only find in a dream

Delilah thought she could only find a guy like this in her dreams, she was obviously wrong. So is this a nightmare or a beautiful fantasy?


2. Mystery boy is revealed

                                                             ***DELILAH'S POV FLASHBACK CONTINUED***

Once we arrived at Jade's house, Tiffany and I hopped happily out of my car. I told Tiffany I would meet up with her later and walked up to Jade to ask who this mystery boy was. "Hey Jade, so who is this mysterious boy you wanted to pair me up with?" I asked, giving a grin. "Oh hey! He actually just arrived. Follow me! You are just going to love Nick!" she said, grabbing my arm and walking inside. "Nick huh?" I asked, getting a little nervous now. Of course she didn't hear me over the loud music the DJ was playing. We walked past the dance floor where a bunch people were dancing. We stopped at a lounging area where there were couches. "There's your handsome match!" Jade yelled, pointing at a boy, who was sitting by himself. He glanced over at us and smiled. I studied Nick carefully. He has curly black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing glasses, a V-neck, blazer, jeans, and Converse. He reminded of one of the boys from One Direction. Nick saw that Jade was waving her hand, gesturing for him to come over to where we were, and stood up. "So this is the famous Delilah I've heard so much about!" Nick said, walking over to us and smiled cheekily."Yep, here she is! I'm just gonna leave you two lovebirds alone! Have fun but don't get too wild now!" Jade said, giving us a wink and walk away. I rolled my eyes and turned to Nick, and said, "It's nice to meet you. I'm surprised Jade told you about me. I just recently heard she wanted me to get together with you. I literally just learned your name a couple of minutes ago!" "That's alright, surprises can be nice. Would you like to sit down and talk for a while?" Nick asked. "Oh, that's true. I would love to talk!" I said grinning. He grabbed my arm gently and guided me to where he was sitting.

It's amazing how much I got to learn about Nick. He told me he plays the violin, piano, and guitar. His birthday is September 21st. He's going to college in New York for theatre ( same as me!). He loves to act, and also has a part time job at a bakery. I was so glad we had a lot of the same interests. Jade did a pretty good job! I thought to myself. After Nick and I had played 21 questions I pulled out my phone to see what time it was. It was 10:00! We have been talking for over two hours! I couldn't believe it! I didn't mind though, I was having the time of my life and that's all that mattered. Nick glanced over at my phone and said, " Wow, we sure talked up a storm didn't we!" "Indeed we did! But I am having a good time getting to know you so I don't mind." I said, grinning. " And so am I. Would you like to go outside and get some fresh air for a while?" he asked, grabbing my hand. "That would be lovely!" I said, still holding his hand, grabbing a drink and walking outside.

Once outside, we walked over to a bench and sat down. I saw Tiffany and she winked at me, but left me and Nick alone. "Isn't the sky so pretty? The stars are so bright!" I said, relaxing and gazing up at the stars. "Indeed it is, but not as pretty and bright as you are, love." Nick said glancing at me. I glanced back up at him and blushed. " I hope we get to hang out again soon. It's nice to have someone like you to talk to. It's a nice change." I said, giving a little smile. "I agree. Let me see your phone, I'll put my number in so we can plan a date." He said, winking and stuck out his hand. "I would love that, but on one condition you give me your phone so I can put my number in too." I said. He agreed, and we swapped phones. "So can I ask you the million dollar question?" Nick turned to me, smiling that cheeky smile that was starting to give my butterflies in my stomach. "Of course you can! You probably know my answer though!" I said, returning his smile. "I do, but I like to be a proper gentlemen. So, Delilah King, would you do the honor and be my girlfriend?" He said, grabbing my hand and looking at me. "I would love that, Nicholas Clare." I said, looking into his eyes. Nick then smiled and then kissed the back of my hand. What a gentleman! I thought, as I blushed. How did I get so lucky?

Me and Nick sat there for a while, carrying on conversations and learning more about each other. I then heard "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5 and instantly jumped up. "Oh my gosh! I love this song! Will you dance with me Nick?" I said grabbing his hand. " Of course love. I know this song by heart." He said standing up and enveloping into me. I laid my head on his shoulder and we slowly moved. We were like that for a little bit and then I asked, "Nick, could you sing to me?" " I would love to." He then started softly singing the song into my ear. I couldn't believe it! He was such an amazing singer, and it's all to me! I closed my eyes and let his voice flow all around me. I wanted to live in that moment forever. It was lovely. Once the song ended an up beat song came on, we decided to just go along with it and enjoy ourselves. He was a hilarious dancer, I couldn't stop laughing. I was having the time of my life. Could life get any better?  

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