Life With One Direction

Hi everyone this is my first story. So, if there are mistakes I apologize for every single mistake. I'm from Burma and I'm 12 years old. Okay now about the story *about the story* Nicole has always hated her life at home. Her mom and she had to fight every singe night. Her dad lives in Bangkok but one day, her dad got a job in Apple Store in London, England. What will happen when One Direction's Harry Styles' mansion is just beside her house?What will happen when Her mom was shot to death after some weeks, when her dad was always at work and her dad wants to go back and live in Burma? Will she go with him and leave her love and One Direction or will she stay back in London?

This is not a One Direction love story,but there will be with someone else. By reading this "about the story" u might not want to read it anymore but please read and i'll be really grateful for that.


6. Chapter 6

(Harry's P.O.V)

 I wonder if Niall found Nicole or not. She's a really nice and cute girl and she just arrived today. She couldn't go missing.
"Harry? Harry, r u still there?" Tay's voice rang through the phone speaker. "Oh, sorry Tay" I replied "was lost in thought". "About what?" Tay asked. "Oh nothing important." I replied. 'Harry, i've told you before no secrets between us" Tay said "Last night, u went to a club and u didn't tell me also, did u think i wouldn't know?"Tay continued. I couldn't hold my anger. "Oh yeah? You think i dunno about u? I SAW YOU FLIRTING WITH A GUY LAST WEEK WITH MY OWN EYE!!! " i shouted " AND U SAID U KNOW ME1 NOW U KNOW THAT I KNOW EVERYTHING U DO AND I'M STILL NOT OVER WITH U TWEETING 'fuck u directioners'" She was speechless now. "Ha-Harry that that was ages ago" she sobbed "u know i got a lot of hate just for dating u!"

"We're back!" Niall shouted from downstairs. wait, we? He got Nicole! Yess. " I gotta go Taylor, bye, call u later." I said and hung up. I ran downstairs to see a puffy eyed Nicole. She was sitting on the sofa with El and Dani beside her. She looked at me and smiled " Hey Haz" she said. "Hey Nic" I replied. "So u all saw the fight?" she asked. We nodded. 'Its not really that bad, i fight with my mom every night back home..." she said looking down. She looked up. "what time is it?"she asked. "Around 8:00" Niall said. "Can one of u please borrow me a laptop?" she asked. I pointed to my laptop on the table. "Thanks!" she said gladly and started logging in  her Gmail. "Are you gonna chat with someone?" Liam asked. "Oh um.. I'm gonna chat with my best um best friend!" she said smiling. She glanced at the laptop and turned to me and her eyes grew wide and started chatting with someone. "I don't think she's chatting with her best friend" Dani whispered to Liam. Liam started peering over to the laptop. "Who's Jake?" Liam asked. Nicole looked shocked. "He's um he's- he's" Nicole stuttered. Liam cleared his throat and asked "ur boyfriend??"

Nicole looked really dumb. Louis and i couldn't help but laugh out loud at Nicole's expression. Nicole blushed. She received a FB message and she looked at it. It was a picture, a picture of a boy and a girl, which the boy is kissing her cheek, cheek but really close to the mouth. Nicole eyes suddenly filled with tears. She grabbed her bag and went upstairs to her room. Did i mention that i showed her the room, she's gonna stay? Oh well, now i did. "Nicole! Hey, what's wrong?!" I called after her. She didn't reply and just went to her room. We all decided to follow her.

(Nicole's P.O.V)
 No, this can't be happening. Jake wouldn't cheat on me. He wouldn't but the picture and Flora's message. She said he was talking about how fat i got and how ugly i looked. I looked at myself in the mirror. I really looked fatter and uglier with these stupid bangs. The tears were streaming down my face and i just have one thing in my mind. I hate my life.
I took out the blade from my bag, and started cutting my wrist. Its so painful but i just got played by my first love. The one I gave my first kiss. Suddenly the door opened and Harry burst in and saw what i was doing.

~~~~~~ (A/N)

Hi!! sorry i haven't updated. Been busy drooling over One Direction's photos. LOL. I'm so excited about the new from the boys!!! AAHHH i'm so so freaking excited!!! Thanks for the views!! Comment!! <3

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