Life With One Direction

Hi everyone this is my first story. So, if there are mistakes I apologize for every single mistake. I'm from Burma and I'm 12 years old. Okay now about the story *about the story* Nicole has always hated her life at home. Her mom and she had to fight every singe night. Her dad lives in Bangkok but one day, her dad got a job in Apple Store in London, England. What will happen when One Direction's Harry Styles' mansion is just beside her house?What will happen when Her mom was shot to death after some weeks, when her dad was always at work and her dad wants to go back and live in Burma? Will she go with him and leave her love and One Direction or will she stay back in London?

This is not a One Direction love story,but there will be with someone else. By reading this "about the story" u might not want to read it anymore but please read and i'll be really grateful for that.


3. Chapter 3

(Nicole’s P.O.V)

“OMG…” I gasped as I got to my new house in London. It was a huge mansion and only three of us are living there. “Do u like it?” Dad asked me. “More than anything except One Direction.” I told my dad. Dad kind of sighed. Coz he doesn’t really like that I’m obsessed with One Direction.

“Dad, show me my room” I changed the subject. My room was awesome. It’s the biggest in the whole house. There’s enough room for my One Direction posters. A walk in closet, a double bed with blue bed sheet and duvet . “ Dad, I’m gonna have to try really hard to get used to this” I told my dad as we walked to the back door.” Oh, you will have to try much harder to get used tooo…”he said as he opened the back door “THIS!”. It was a huge swimming pool and a lovely garden with roses, tulips and other kinds of flowers and a swing.

“Oh my god, Dad” I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. “Oh look Boo Bear!!! New neighbors!!!” we heard a girl say from the other house. Boobear? That’s Lou’s nickname. I smiled at the thought. I looked for the girl but she was inside the house so I couldn’t see her. “Let’s make cupcakes for them…” the same girl said. “Okay” a boy replied.

“ Come on Nic, let’s go inside” Mom ushered me into the house. I smiled and followed her. We looked around the house a bit more. I loved the house. My mom switched on the T.V to reveal a grinning Harry and Taylor. When will Harry realize that Taylor is using him?? I wanna hate Taylor but I couldn’t. She was my first idol and I love her songs as much as her looks and work.

*Ding Dong* The bell rang. “I’ll get it Mom!” I shouted. I opened the door to see a plate of cupcakes held by… Eleanor Jane Calder!!! Oh my god, pinch me I’m dreaming!! “Hey, I’m Eleanor, call me El” she greeted me. I was speechless. Eleanor Jane Calder is greeting me with cupcakes??
“ Oh um sorry Hi I’m Nicole” I said finding my voice. “Nice to meet you, Nicole” she replied. ” Pleasure, oh come in” I invited her inside.

“Oh wait, I have to introduce you to someone else” she said. “oh um sure I’d like to make more friends” I said, smiling. Behind her someone revealed himself to me. “Hi I’m Louis, from One Direction!”

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