Life With One Direction

Hi everyone this is my first story. So, if there are mistakes I apologize for every single mistake. I'm from Burma and I'm 12 years old. Okay now about the story *about the story* Nicole has always hated her life at home. Her mom and she had to fight every singe night. Her dad lives in Bangkok but one day, her dad got a job in Apple Store in London, England. What will happen when One Direction's Harry Styles' mansion is just beside her house?What will happen when Her mom was shot to death after some weeks, when her dad was always at work and her dad wants to go back and live in Burma? Will she go with him and leave her love and One Direction or will she stay back in London?

This is not a One Direction love story,but there will be with someone else. By reading this "about the story" u might not want to read it anymore but please read and i'll be really grateful for that.


1. Chapter 1

 Nicole's P.O.V

I sighed as the blade went into my skin. It might be a terrible deed to other people but for me its a relief. I live in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). I've always wanted to meet One Direction.The main reason I cut myself is that my mom and I fight every night.She’s always forcing me to study and I can’t stand it. I quickly put away the night as soon as I heard Mom’s bed-room door open. “Nicole, it’s time to sleep” she told me. I nodded. I packed my books as tomorrow was Monday. I started to think how to hide the scars from my friends and family. Especially my boyfriend. Yes, I know, I’m only 12 and I have a boyfriend. I logged on Gtalk with my phone and saw the message from Jake (my boyfriend). We chat quite a time and he went offline so I logged out and went to sleep.

(The Next Day)




I got to school and my best-friend Flora greeted me with a warm hug. She held my 2 hands and we talked about 1D updates. Then, she suddenly looked at my left wrist. I knew she was gonna find out somehow so I went into the classroom, put my back down and ran into the toilet. On my way, I saw Jake. He smiled at me and I smiled at him. When I got into a toilet stall, I lifted up my left sleeve to reveal a bandage covering my scars. I sighed. Flora’s not gonna find out. I told myself. I was wrong.

At the first break, I went out to the balcony to see Jake’s face. He was in another class, so I had to go out to see his face and he had to come out. As usual, we stared at each other and smiled. When he walked pass with his friends to the other side of the building, Flora grabbed my wrist and I flinched at the pain. Shoot, she knows. She lifted my sleeve and she saw it, the bandage. My friends were also outside of the class.

Flora’s P.O.V

I knew something was under her sleeve. I felt it. When I lifted up her sleeve, there was a bandage. Jake was coming back. I slowly untie the bandage and there were cuts. “OMG, Nicole, what the hell is this?!” I asked her. Others were crowding around us now. I slowly touched the scars and Nicole flinched. Jake got to where we were and he was smiling and laughing with his friends until he saw Nicole’s hand. His facial expression changed instantly. Oh my, how much he loves her.

Jake’s P.O.V

We were laughing about Corner’s jokes as we got to Nicole and a group of girls. They were looking at something. When I got there… there were cuts, blade cuts on Nicole’s hand. Oh my god, why the hell did she do that? I looked into her face and she quickly covered her sleeve and ran inside the class room. “Flora, what was that?” I asked. “She cuts herself but I have no idea why she did that.” Flora replied and went inside the room, I saw that Nicole was reading her book but when I saw her eyes, they were glistening with tears. I wish I could go and hug her and just say it’ll be ok.

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