Life With One Direction

Hi everyone this is my first story. So, if there are mistakes I apologize for every single mistake. I'm from Burma and I'm 12 years old. Okay now about the story *about the story* Nicole has always hated her life at home. Her mom and she had to fight every singe night. Her dad lives in Bangkok but one day, her dad got a job in Apple Store in London, England. What will happen when One Direction's Harry Styles' mansion is just beside her house?What will happen when Her mom was shot to death after some weeks, when her dad was always at work and her dad wants to go back and live in Burma? Will she go with him and leave her love and One Direction or will she stay back in London?

This is not a One Direction love story,but there will be with someone else. By reading this "about the story" u might not want to read it anymore but please read and i'll be really grateful for that.


7. Author's Note

Hey guys!!! Sorry, if u thought this was a new chapter. I'm currently working on my Justin Bieber fanfiction: High School Love. Please read it for me and i promise i'll update soon. Please also check out the story Look by Liveyourdreams. Its a great story so please check it out if u haven't. Thank you!! and thank you for the views!! Feel free to fan, Fav and Comment. Also feel free to give ideas. ;)


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