Catching My Breath

Aiden Sanders was the mysterious girl,the one who never showed emotion, and never let anyone in. She always blocked it all out, no one knew why, but she did. He did, he left her breathless and on the cold hard ground. Things changed for Aiden, life kept moving fast, and she never seemed able to Catch Her Breath through the whole entire mess, but what happens when that certain "him" comes back?


1. Prologue


"You just care about money! That's ALL you ever care about!" Bang. "Yeah, well with all the shit you buy, someone has too!" Crash. Bang. "I cant take this anymore! I'm gone, and this time I'm not coming back!" Slam.

I sigh to myself. There she goes again, and it doesn't seem like she's coming back anytime soon this time. As much as it should hurt, it doesn't. I'm numb, nothing fazes me anymore since he left. That was the worst pain I've ever felt, it hurt so bad I don't feel anymore.

Sometimes I wish he would come back and keep me steady like he used to. Remind me to take a deep breath. Maybe even reassure me everything's gonna be okay, but he's not. I knew that a long while ago, now I just do those things myself. I learn to live without really taking anything in. I've learned to keep him in the back of my mind.

He's just a fading memory now..
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