Catching My Breath

Aiden Sanders was the mysterious girl,the one who never showed emotion, and never let anyone in. She always blocked it all out, no one knew why, but she did. He did, he left her breathless and on the cold hard ground. Things changed for Aiden, life kept moving fast, and she never seemed able to Catch Her Breath through the whole entire mess, but what happens when that certain "him" comes back?


5. Chapter Three

Liam's POV 

"Liam, honey, are you ready to go?" My mum called up the stairs. I started running around the room for my white converse and my Jack Willis jacket. I wanted to look perfect for Aiden. I haven't seen her in almost a whole year. I've missed her like mad, but today I got to see her again today. 

"Liam James Payne, get down here. Right now," Mum yelled much more impatient this time. I finally found what I was looking for. Slipping on my converse, I bounded down the stairs quickly. "Sorry Mum, couldn't find my shoes," I explained leaning down and kissing cheek. "Well, you have them now so lets head on over," she smiled opening the door and heading next door.

Aiden and I hadn't talked for months, and I couldn't wait to see her again. I always thought about her and how she was doing. I was gonna call her but my schedule was really hectic.

We made it over and I heard my mum knock on their door. I put a big smile on my face in case Aiden answered the door. Unfortunately, it was only her dad Mr. Sanders. "Ted!" My mum squealed giving him a squeeze. "Ellen! Hello! How are you?" He asked hugging her back. "Oh I'm great, especially since meh boy got home okay," she pulled back and ruffled my hair for effect.

"Is that really you Li?" Mr. Sanders asked shocked. Ill admit, management has done me up quite a bit. "Yes Mr. Sanders," I say smiling and letting him clap me on the back. "You been doing well my boy?" He asked seeming more proud of me than even my own dad. "Um pretty Aiden around?" I ask really anxious to see her. "Mm, not yet. She should be back soon though. I sent her on an errand," he explained. God, she hated when he did that.

I excused myself to the loo to gussy up some. I wanted to look my best when she first saw me. I finally think I worked up enough to ask her on a date. I just hoped she would say yes to me. I know it's been a long time, but I think we had something going before I left. Maybe we could just pick up where we left off. 

After fixing my hair and checking my fly, I started back down stairs softly humming to my self. I could here my mum rambling on about the X-Factor or whatever. I was almost to the bottom though when I heard the door open. I looked up to see it was Aiden!

She looked as beautiful as she did when I left. Her long brown wavy hair peeked out from under her purple hood. Her soft gray eyes reflected the surprised expression on her face. I feel the corners of my mouth lift as our eyes connect..I expected the same out of her..but as soon as she came, she was  running out the door.

I was in complete shock..I thought she'd be happy to see me..I thought she'd want to go out and do something..the way she ran out just killed me..obviously things weren't going to be the same..ever.

~Authors Note~

Hey guys! 

How do you like this one so far? Im not sure about comments would help if you would like to!

Thanks so much for reading!


Stay Lovely My Lovelies,

-Ashley(: xx 

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