Catching My Breath

Aiden Sanders was the mysterious girl,the one who never showed emotion, and never let anyone in. She always blocked it all out, no one knew why, but she did. He did, he left her breathless and on the cold hard ground. Things changed for Aiden, life kept moving fast, and she never seemed able to Catch Her Breath through the whole entire mess, but what happens when that certain "him" comes back?


2. Chapter One

Aiden's POV

"Aiden, get down here please," I hear my father yell from the bottom of the steps. As usual, I don't feel like moving, or leaving my room. Sadly though, I must. I don't need my dad and I to have anymore problems then we already did. Ever since my mum left us..

I shook the thought, and started to descend the steps, very annoyed. I caught sight of my dad, a tall, balding school teacher. He looked really exasperated and stressed. I reached the last step and he finally looked at me, his sorry excuse for a daughter.

"Honey, can you run to the store for me. I forgot to pick up the groceries," he asked me. I sighed and found my head moving up and down against my head screaming no at me. He smiled and handed me some money and a small list of food items. "Thank you dear," he said leaning down and kissing my cheek. I cringed at the dear, and even more at the affection. He didn't deserve any of it.

I pulled on my purple off brand hoodie, and some cheap Airwalks. I opened the door and started my way down the street towards the small Wolverhamptom town square. The cold wind nipped at my hears and neck, so pulled up the hood to at least keep me warm.

The walk was so familiar, I knew it without thinking twice. So, Mykonos started to wander back to my dad. He always complained how busy he was, how he never had time for petty things like grocery shopping and laundry. Things he pinned on me, more things for me to worry about on top of my terrible social life..

I stopped myself there and tuned it all out. I let myself become numb again, it wasn't worth hurting myself over and over again over it. My mum left, my dads a wreck, I can't do anything but deal with it the best I can.

Before I knew it I was at the grocery store. I looked down at my fathers neatly written note:
Yogurt-if you have enough money
Remember ALL off brand.

Like I needed reminded..

I moved about the store and grabbed what I needed when I came across it. I walked passed smiling babies and toddlers, helping their mums. A pang of sadness should have hit me, but it didn't. Like I said, I'm numb I don't feel anything anymore. The only thing I can do is sigh and keep moving, away from all the reminders. I hurriedly get the last few items and make my way to the check out line.

I waited patiently and tapped my foot and tried clear my head a but more. The feelings tried to push their way through again, but I refused to let them as I moved forward in the short line.

I made it to the end and state to load my things onto the convater belt without a word. I hear the small beep of them being scared as I pulled out my money, ready to pay and leave as soon as possible. "That'll be three pounds," I hear the girl at the end say dully. I gave her the allotted amount, finally looking at her. At same the we realized who the other was.

"Oh, look its the cutter," Jane Samuels, the top dog cheerleader said taking the money. I forced my head to look at the ground, letting the words go in one ear and out the other, they couldn't hurt me. That was just her stupid opinion and she didn't even know me. "Well, are you gonna take your bags, or do your wrists hurt too much?" She asked shamelessly.

I quickly snatched the bag and walked out as fast as I could. Don't let her hurt you. Don't let her hurt you. I chanted that over and over again in my mind until I got control again. Once I did, I walked home, barely noticing anything other than my need to get home. My need to be alone again.

I sighed and walked into the house, strangely hearing the sounds of voices coming through. "Oh yeah, he's doing really well right now. The X-Factor did him good," I hear a familiar female voice say. Why are they talking about the X-Factor? I stand there listening for a few more seconds, but I couldn't make out what my father was saying.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of someone padding down the steps and the soft sound of humming. "Cause nothing's fine I'm torn.." A melodic, yet familiar voice sang. I decided to look over and my eyes grew wide, my mouth hung open, and my body tensed.

There he stood, and realization flashed across his beautifully brow eyes. Slowly the corners of his mouth twitched into a perfect smile...that was all I could take.

I swiftly dropped the grocery bag and flew out the door, running as fast as I could away from that house, from that boy, the one who broke me before I even truly understood what pain was. The boy he gave me hope, who kept me going, the one who made me the way I am now. The one, once upon a time I thought I loved. Liam Payne.
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