Catching My Breath

Aiden Sanders was the mysterious girl,the one who never showed emotion, and never let anyone in. She always blocked it all out, no one knew why, but she did. He did, he left her breathless and on the cold hard ground. Things changed for Aiden, life kept moving fast, and she never seemed able to Catch Her Breath through the whole entire mess, but what happens when that certain "him" comes back?


6. Chapter Four

Aiden's POV:

I woke up the next day much later than usually. I guess from almost having an emotional breakdown. I sighed and just walked downstairs hoping that no more surprise visitors were there. My dad and I hadn't talked about me running off except for in the car. Even though, I didn't answer him then, and I wasn't going to now, I was still trying to avoid him.

I walked downstairs in search of food.  Maybe all of the food wouldn't be bad. My father had a terrible habit for not looking at the expiration date. I guess it ran in the family. As I looked though the fridge, I didn't find anything so I just settled for tea and toast. How cliche.

I sat down on the couch in front of the telly and flipped it on. Some stupid celebrity show came on so I quickly switched on some cartoons. As childish as they were, I found cartoons amazing. They were just so simple and stupid it was funny. I honestly could watch them all day long. Too bad I had other duties of sitting alone in my room. Oh well.

After eating, I quickly cleaned up and shut of the telly. I sang to myself washing up some dishes I assumed my father, Mrs. Payne, and (unfortunately) Liam used. That's right, my dad had the nerve to keep them over for dinner after it was obvious I didn't want them there. 

Dad of the Year everyone.

I quickly dried and put the dishes away scowling at them slightly. I walked back over the stairs to go back to my room to fulfill my duties of absolutely nothing. When I made it about three steps up I hear a knock at the door and think, "Who the bloody hell is that?"

I sigh and walk back down opening the door. "Hel-" I stop mid-sentence because there he is again. Standing on my door step smiling like an idiot. 
Well a gorgeous idiot...but still an idiot. Before I could even think to slam the door in his face he started talking, "Aiden, you're dad wanted to come over and change the light bulbs around the house. He knows you don't like to do them." 'Well he should know that I hate you more,' I thought to myself. I really didn't want to let him in, but I really didn't have a choice.

Reluctantly, I stepped aside and let him in. "Thank you," he said flashing me another smile and walking  in. I sighed and just slammed the door. I just decided that I should sit downstairs and make sure he doesn't pull any funny business...

Liam grabbed the small ladder we stowed in our small closer under the steps and went to work silently. I must say I was surprised when he didn't talk to me. I really wanted to not look at him, but that was hard. I kept stealing glances at him. He just so attractive..

And a prick that I wish I cared enough about to hate.

Liam's POV:

I was really surprised when Aiden let me in. I didn't think she would honestly. I wasn't sure why she was so upset with me. I mean, even yesterday she stormed upstairs as soon as her Mr. Sanders brought her back. I was going to go after her, but my mum told me not too. She wouldn't even come down for dinner. Which worried me because we had and issue with that in the past...

She seemed much worse than from before the X-Factor. I mean, she was always she seemed honestly anti-social. She just locked herself up in her room and that was that. Her dad said she rarely ever comes down anymore. I wish she'd talk to me. I know I could help her just like I used too..

Before I knew it, all of the light bulbs on the first floor were done. I first folded up the small ladder. Then I shyly walked from the kitchen to the living room. "So I'm all finished up down is it alright if I go upstairs?" She just shrugs and points to the stairs, not even looking a me. 

As I head up the steps with the small ladder, I am slight hurt. She wouldn't even look at me. Not even a glance. I just want to now what the hell I did. I mean I know it's been a long time, but I haven't done anything to her. At least I don't think I have.

Walking into her room I focus on just changing the bulb on her ceiling fan and then getting out. But then I start to notice all of the small things around her room. I walk over to her small desk and pick up a hoodie slung over the back, it smells faintly of fabric softener and roses. Just like Aiden. I see small sketches of random things all over the desk. She was always so good at it but she ne-"I'm home!" Mr. Sanders yelled interrupting my thoughts, causing me to drop the papers.

I heard him ask Aiden where I was, so I quickly got back on the ladder and screw in the new light bulb. I didn't hear Aiden answer, but apparently she did because moments later Mr. Sanders appeared in the doorway. "Hello Liam!" I looked up and smiled a little. "Hello Mr. Sanders! How were your errands?" I ask being friendly. "Oh it was just miserable.." He started and went on and on about the troubles of shopping on Saturdays. I tuned him out and nodded and laughs on occasion. 

"So did you and Aiden get caught up?" He asked breaking me away from la la land. I shifted a bit uncomfortably because we hadn't even talked. "Well uh, we didn't really talk. I was busy changing the light bulbs," I answered semi-honestly. He nodded. "Well, go ahead and get caught up downstairs now." Well this, should be interesting. "Okay, thanks Mr. Sanders," I say with a forced smile.

Heading towards the stairs I take deep breaths and mentally prepare myself. I'm sure she still didn't want to talk to me, but it was worth a try. When I reached the bottom of the steps, I noticed that she was still sitting on the couch watching cartoons.

I slowly approach her on the couch. "Hey Aiden," I say casually sitting down next to her. She barely even glances my way before turning back to the telly. "Aiden, are you okay?" I decided to be straightforward because it was what I'd been wondering since yesterday.

She let out a sarcastic laugh. Shaking her head. "Wow, you sound like you care." "Well,  do," I say staring at side of her face, since she still refused to look at me. She just shook her head and continued to ignore me. "I don't get why you're so upset with me. I'm only trying to help.." I point out scooting a little closer and placing my hand on hers. I wasn't sure if it was too much, too soon. All I knew was that it felt right.

She finally looked at me, her gray eyes wide with shock. I couldn't help but get a little lost In her eyes. They were just so beautiful. She blinks them a couple times shaking her head. The next thing I feel is a sharp pain across my cheek. 

"What the hell are you doing?" She snapped moving away. "I was just...I'm sorry..." I stumbled over my words. "Get out," Aiden said bluntly. "I'm sorry, it won't happen again, just let-" "get out," she interrupted again. 

I just sigh and get up, letting myself out. Walking over to my house, I couldn't help but feel bad. I didn't mean to make her feel uncomfortable. I just wanted to know what was going on with her. Something obviously was, and I had to know. I had to make her feel better too. Just like I used. As I reached the door, I made a silent promise to myself to make sure I did. No matter what.

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