Anything Could Happen

Alexa had just got out of high school and her birthday was coming up. She had no idea where her best friend, Kayla, planned on taking her. But when they got on a plane she had an idea. The UK. No wonder the U.K. Kayla always wanted to go there and possibly meet her favorite band, One Direction. But when Alexa sees what her friend had planned actually may happen. She doesn't know what to think.


5. Unbelievable

Alexa's POV

I am still in shock.  It's really them?  Wait why should I care?  They are just normal people.  It's not like we are going to see them again.   I mean we are only here for two weeks.  What could happen between us and them in two weeks?  

      I sit up on the couch with probably the weirdest face imaginable.  Never have I once not done a hilarious face when I am trying to be serious.  Know what mean?  Kay helps me off the couch.  I flinch and the blonde guy runs over to help me.  "Thank you- uh-" I stutter and he replies, "Oh, I guess we haven't introduced ourselves properly.  I am Niall."  He has the cutest Irish accent.  Wait celebrity.  Calm yourself Alexa.  "I am Harry," says the one with curly hair.  "I am Louis," he was that one with the weird voice, he doesn't sound weird now though.  "I'm Zayn,"  he was really tan and he was wearing a leather jacket.  "and I'm Liam." he had a the most adorable smile.  They were also so handsome.  I looked at the floor and blushed as Niall helped me stand.  "I'm  Alexa, nice to meet you.  I guess you already met Kay."  They nodded in reply.  Why did they have to be so darn cute?

Kayla's POV

She was totally falling for them.  I saw that look in her eye.  She's my best friend and if I knew her I could tell if she was falling for a guy.  As long as she backs off of Liam.  He's mine!  Niall was still supporting on her bad ankle.  He really must like her.  There was an awkward.silence.  Niall then helped Alexa sit back down and he sat beside her.  Everyone sat down on the other couch and chairs.  Liam sat next to me and I felt like dying I was so nervous!  I pinched myself real quick.  When I felt it I jumped.  Everyone started looking at me.  I gave a slow wave.   Talk about awkward.  I looked at the clock, 7:00 PM.  The guys helped us for over two hours.  "Well, I guess you guys probably want to get back to your flats." I say standing.  "No, we don't," Niall says.  I looked shocked.  "Instead," he said looking at Lexa, "we could go to Nando's then go home and come back tomorrow."  "I couldn't ask you to do that," Lexa protests, "You have been here-" Niall interrupts her, "It won't be any trouble at all."  

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