Anything Could Happen

Alexa had just got out of high school and her birthday was coming up. She had no idea where her best friend, Kayla, planned on taking her. But when they got on a plane she had an idea. The UK. No wonder the U.K. Kayla always wanted to go there and possibly meet her favorite band, One Direction. But when Alexa sees what her friend had planned actually may happen. She doesn't know what to think.


2. The Day Before

Alexa's Point Of View


I wake up to the sound of Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding, playing on the alarm on my iPhone.  As I am picking it up and turning it off, I hear a knock on the door.  My feet pull me out of bed and take me down stairs.  I look to see who it is.  It's Kay.  I see the time on my iPhone.  8:03am.  What does Kayla want this early?  I open the door and examine her fashion choice for today.  Old Navy sweat shirt, boot cut jeans, Nike sneakers and a thick head wrap holding back her hair that is in a high ponytail.  Typical for her on a Friday.

      She runs in to warm herself up.  "Hello, Lexa." she says with a smirk, she is defiantly hiding something.  "Hey, Kay, what's up?'  I ask with a grin.  "Well," she says with her face gleaming.  She hands me an envelope with my name on the back.   With my finger nail I pull out a velvet read card that says, "Happy Eighteenth!"  I open it and see a note from my parents along with writing inside the card.  I read those quickly and they both say something about flight and my parents said have a good trip,  That's when I see two plane tickets in a slot on the back of the card.  I skim the tickets.  We are going to London?  I look up at Kay and she nods as if she had just read my mind.  She gives me the biggest hug and we both start squealing and jumping up and down.  Kyle and Cher run down stairs to see what we are doing.  I turn around and scream at them, "I am going to London!"


A while later I went up to my room and started packing.  Kay had left to start packing as well and said that she would pick me up tomorrow to take me to the airport.   I folded up almost all of my clothes since we will be there for about two weeks.   Once I finished packing my carry on with a bunch of necessities, I went to the bathroom and changed into one of the outfits I didn't pack up.   It was a black top with grey sequins lining the hem, stonewashed jeans, black flats with a bow on the side, and a sparkly, grey headband.  

      I checked the time, 3:30 PM.  Suddenly my phone started ringing with my set ringtone for no one other than, Kay.  I picked up. "Hey, Kay," I said with a smile,"What's up?"  "Did you know that One Direction is in London for the next two weeks?" she says sounding extremely excited. "Kay," I said calmly, "chances we have of meeting them are very slim."  "I know that you nut," she snaps, "I mean we might end up seeing them and getting an autograph!"  "Fine, whatever you say, Kay." and I hang up. 

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