Anything Could Happen

Alexa had just got out of high school and her birthday was coming up. She had no idea where her best friend, Kayla, planned on taking her. But when they got on a plane she had an idea. The UK. No wonder the U.K. Kayla always wanted to go there and possibly meet her favorite band, One Direction. But when Alexa sees what her friend had planned actually may happen. She doesn't know what to think.


6. Surprise, Surprise!

Alexa's POV

I walk in the door to my bedroom.  I can't believe what has happened to me with in the past 12 hours.  (1: I came to London. 2: I fell down a flight of stairs.  3: I met One Direction and went out to eat with them!)  As I walk on my throbbing ankle, I go over to my dresser and pick out some pajamas.  When I jump into the shower I make the water as hot as possible.  

The steam clears my mind of any problems I have.  For the first time in a long time, I can actually relax.  As I exit the shower I hear an almost faint knock on the door.  

I quickly slip on an over-sized t-shirt and some shorts, assuming that it was just Kay.  She probably just lost her key.  I run over to the door and open it to find Niall Horan, standing right outside my doorway.  Niall and I just stood there with a loss of words.  The steam exits my mind and I remember that Niall is a celebrity.  This is when I begin to here dozens of footsteps and screams coming from the stairs.  Fans.  

I grab Niall's hand and pull him in to the hotel room and lock the door.  "Um, hi," I say trying to break the silence.  "Hi," he says still at loss of words.  Then I fell my ankle start throbbing again and I grab on to the door knob. Niall grabs my arm and pulls me closer to him.  I flinch a little and trip over my jacket I left by the door and I fall right into Niall's arms.  

While in the most awkward position you could ever imagine, slowly find my self getting closer to him.  Then all of the sudden, he kisses me.  And I kiss him back.  I pull back first and see his beautiful eyes staring right back into mine.  

I hugged Niall tightly and he hugged back.

Niall's POV

We stood there and hugged each other for I don't know how long.  Then the door knob starts wiggling. 

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