Anything Could Happen

Alexa had just got out of high school and her birthday was coming up. She had no idea where her best friend, Kayla, planned on taking her. But when they got on a plane she had an idea. The UK. No wonder the U.K. Kayla always wanted to go there and possibly meet her favorite band, One Direction. But when Alexa sees what her friend had planned actually may happen. She doesn't know what to think.


9. Love Me? No, Love Me Not.

Alexa's POV

I felt kind of bad just slamming the door on Kayla like that, but I knew that what I said was the truth.  Niall was probably just leading me on and I wasn't going to stay around to let it happen.  I started packing up all of my belongings.   I had to get out of here as soon as possible.  I had to get out while I still can.

Kayla's POV

Alexa just slammed the door on me.  She really thought that about Niall?  I quickly phoned Niall.

Niall: "Hello?"

Me: "Hello, it's me Kayla."

Niall: "You sound upset.  Is something the matter?"\

Me: "I am coming over to your flat, tell the guys I have something important to tell  them and I need all of you there.  Understood?"

Niall: "Yeah, uh, sure of course."

Me: "Okay I will be there in five, See you then."

Niall: Okay, goodbye."

Niall's POV

I hung up on Kayla and phoned all the guys.  I didn't know what Kayla was up too, but I knew it wouldn't be easy.  After I phoned the band I took a quick overview of our flat.  It looked like a tornado had gone through a junkyard brought everything into our living room.  Time to get cleaning.  

Alexa's POV

I heard the door open and close.  Did Kayla leave?  I walk out of my room and see nobody left in the room except myself.  As I sit on the couch I hear movement outside the doorway.  Hesitantly, I scoot off of the couch and go look out the peep hole.  I see no one.  That's when I hear a knock on the window.  I freeze.  Turning around I see a dark figure looking back at me.  He starts to open my window and I pass out.

Kayla's POV

As I drove over to the guys flat, I kind of started to feel bad for not telling Alexa where I was going.  I start twirling my strawberry blonde hair around the index finger of my left hand, I was using my right to drive.  Once I pull into the boy's driveway, I quickly fix my hair and flatten out my short sleeve striped sweater, and hop of the car.  I was met at the door by Niall.  The slightest bit I wished it was Liam, but I had to move past that.  

"Hi," Niall said in a nervous tone, "what's up?"  I pulled him into the living room where all the other guys were.  I caught Liam's eyes, but I quickly looked away.  I could feel his hurt boring inside of me, but I couldn't deal with that right this moment.  "Okay," I said sitting down on a leather ottoman.  

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