Anything Could Happen

Alexa had just got out of high school and her birthday was coming up. She had no idea where her best friend, Kayla, planned on taking her. But when they got on a plane she had an idea. The UK. No wonder the U.K. Kayla always wanted to go there and possibly meet her favorite band, One Direction. But when Alexa sees what her friend had planned actually may happen. She doesn't know what to think.


3. Flight

Alexa's Point Of View

My alarm clock started off, I looked at it.  5:15 AM.  My eyes started to close but the alarm just kept on going.  I unlocked my iPhone, turned it off and sulked out of bed.  Once up, I grab an outfit out of my closet and get changed.  This time my out fit is simple, an I heart London t-shirt, boot-cut jeans, sneakers and my white North Face jacket.  I put on a slight amount of make-up and walked to my room and picked up my suitcases.  After about an hour of watching TV, Kay comes walking in the door.  "Hey girl, ready to go?" she asks.   I hop off the couch, turn off the TV and turn to Kayla.  "Yep," I say in an excited tone.  She helps me get my suitcases in the car as I write a note to my family telling them goodbye.  I tape it to the fridge and walk out the door saying goodbye to Jack.  I give him a rub on the head and walk out.  Kay and I jump into the car.  She puts the keys in the ignition and we are off.  Ready to take flight!


Kay's Point Of View

      Once we get on the plane, I can tell that Lexa is nervous.  She is clutching on to her seat as if it were her life line, she wouldn't say a word and when I watch a movie she would just look down at the ground.  "Lexa," I say nudging her arm.  She's asleep.  "Lexa!" I yell and I push her elbow off her chair making her head jerk.  Everyone on the plane is looking at.  Lexa just glares at me.  I give her a nervous grin, "Sorry," I say nervously.  She smirks and punches my arm playfully.  We are like sisters, she could never stay mad at me.

(After the plane ride)  Lexa and I get off the plane together.  After a while Lexa and I watched a movie and we both fell asleep, so right now I was a little groggy.  As we walk down the stairs I see them.  Is it them?  Is it really them?  I scream with excitement, when someone drops their suitcase.  It rolls down the stairs and hits Alexa.  "Lexa?!" 

Alexa's Point Of View

Kay starts screaming and I swear she must see either a ghost or something!  As I am about to ask her what it is I get shoved from behind and I start falling down the stairs I scream and I black out.  Last thing I see are Kay what looks like five teenage guys.

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