The Games

This is about a 13 year old girl, who just moved to California, US and has a hard time fitting in.


1. The Move

I woke up in my messy, and scattered bedroom. im laying down on, what use to be my bed and right now is just a big pile of bed spread. All my book collections are all scattered around the room. I've been sorting them, to put each type of novel in different boxes.

The sun is shining in my face, and I realized, it was freezing cold in here. The window was open. "Katie!" I thought to my self. She must have came in here while I was asleep,  as she usually does when she is obsessing over something. I cant blame her. I've been obsessing over stuff as well. How I will tell my best friend that I'm moving away where I wont be able to see her, or how I will pack all my books, how I will miss my favorite clothing store, Mickys. or how I will ever live  without my favorite pet ever, Tucker. 

I've had Tucker since i was 2. He is a chocolate lab, and is the most fun and playful dog I've ever met. And we cant take him with us so we're giving him to our neighbors. 

My brain scattered mother, Helen, my creepy and annoying little sister, Katie and I are moving to California. See, our mother has been working day and night to afford to move to California. My mother is wanting to move to California because she has always wanted to work at Disneyland, but hasn't had enough money to move there until now. 

As I'm laying down, I force myself to get up for the last day of school I have at White Rock HighSchool. I go and take like, 10 minutes to try to find where I packed my tooth brush and tooth paste, brush my teeth and head down stairs. I pop in 2 PopTarts into the toaster. I always jump at the sound of the toaster popping up. As I get myself a glass of orange juice, Katie is coming down the stairs crying and saying good-bye to EVERYTHING! God, she is so over dramatic over everything. the other day, she dropped her little doll on the ground outside and she spent 4 hours cleaning that thing but making sure not to get her dress all dirty. "G-good-bye stairs I've gone up and down my whole life! Good-bye freezer that has held my chocolate ice cream stash all these years! I'm going to miss everything here!"

"OH MY GOD SHUT UP KATIE! You are getting SO ANNOYING!" I yell at her. If I was aloud, I would Legally make her never be my sister. I know thats harsh, but you cant deny that if you had an annoying little sister, you would say that same  thing sometimes. 

"Michallie stop being rude to your sister!" My mom yells at my from up stairs. 

I finish my breakfast, get dressed in my Turquoise tank top, My pink Cardigan, my black leggings, and my floral patterned flats. then I started  walking to school. Then I see Jessica my friend. and she waves over. "uh-oh"

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