The Games

This is about a 13 year old girl, who just moved to California, US and has a hard time fitting in.


5. Moving Day

I wake up the next morning to the radio playing. It was 5:30 Am. Our plane leaves at 7:45 am and we have to be there at 7. So I get up, and go next door to Katie's room and try to wake her up. I poke her, but she just mumbles. "fine. I'll just go get some ice water." I threaten her. She still doesn't get up. So I go down stairs and get a cup full of ice and water. I go back up stairs and go into Katie's room again. "you have 5 seconds to wake up or you will be freezing cold!" I tell her. Still doesn't get up. "okay! 5,4,3,2.... Almost at 1!" Nothing. "1!!!!!" I pore to water on her and she jumps five feet in the air. She screams at me. "WHAT THE HECK! WHAT WAS THAT FOR! THIS IS FREEZING COLD!" I burst out laughing. "I-I warmed you! Now get up we have to leave soon." Katie started getting dressed and I go wake up mom. 

Once we're all dressed, packed and ready, we head off to the air port. Once we get there, we go to baggage drop off, then go and have some breakfast at Tim Hortons. Then we go to the terminal of our plane and wait for them to call everyone on. About 15 min waiting, they call everyone on the plane. We go into the line and head onto the plane. We go into our arranged seats and wait for lift off. At 7:42 the plane starts moving. We speed up and I watch the building behind us fade away, and clouds start appearing. "good bye cold rainy BC, hello warm California." The view of outside turns into just white, and fluffy clouds. 

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