The Games

This is about a 13 year old girl, who just moved to California, US and has a hard time fitting in.


6. Most Longest Plane Ride EVER

It was around 8 and Katie is already bugging me. "Wheres the drinks! Im thirsty! What drink are you getting? I might get either an Iced Tea, or a Diet Coke. Ooo! Or maybe a lemonade!" Katie, calm down. The women is coming, see?" I point to the lady coming with the drink cart. "YAY!" "What drink can I get you ladies having today?" The waitress ask's us. "I'll have an Iced Tea." Katie says. "One coffee please." Mom says. "uh, I'll have a coffee with one sugar and cream." I order something that will make me awake. 

"How long is this going to take! This is boring! There's nothing to do! What magazines do they have? Is there a magazine about Justin Bieber! Or maybe One Direction! Can I play on your IPhone? Or can I do your makeup? You dont look that good with bags under your eyes. Maybe some cover up!" "Katie SHUT UP! Your getting soo annoying. Here, read this." I hand her a magazine about pop stars. Finally she stops talking for a while and starts reading. 

About half an hour later, the people behind us are having an argument. It was a mom and a little kid who looks like he's 5 or so. "Drink your milk Mack!" The mom is shouting at the kid. Which in my case is not good. "NO!" Mack yelled back. 

Mack starts kicking my chair, which is getting really annoying. after about 5 minutes of letting the kid kick my chair, I had enough. I turn around. "Can you get your kid to stop kicking my chair!" I ask the mom. "I'm sorry. Mack stop it now!" I turn back around and sigh. I get one more kick in the chair then Mack stops. 

We start to descend and I see land to start to appear through the window. I poke Katie. "look." I point to  the window. Mom, Katie and I look through the window and see the land. It was beautiful. Clear blue waters, white sand beaches, tangly high ways, big tall buildings, and palm trees. It was all just beautiful. Nothing like BC though. BC had big trees, and hardly as much people. 

The pilot tells everyone to put on our seat belts as we start to land. We land and get off the plane. A rush of warm air hits us on the way out. "Hello California."

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