The Games

This is about a 13 year old girl, who just moved to California, US and has a hard time fitting in.


2. Jessica

So as im walking towards Jessica, I'm saying to myself that everything's going to be alright and that she will understand. And I'm just repeating to myself, Don't cry, don't cry. If I start crying she will start crying too. just don't cry.

"Hey Michallie! Whats wrong? You look sad." Yells Jessica across the road. I walk across the street at meet up with her. Of course, she's wearing such a pretty outfit. A floral print skirt that goes to her knees, and a light blue tank top, and pink Tom's. Her caramel coloured hair is in a loose fish tail braid going down the side. Everythings so simple but so elegant. Leave it to her to make you feel so ugly. 

"Umm, Jess I have to tell you something. This is really hard but you have to know that I've always loved you as a sister, and we will always be sisters okay?"

jessica had a very worried look on her face which made it even harder to look at her. "what is it? Micky you can tell me anything. I'll be fine."  She said. 

"You know how my mom has been working her butt off to try to go to California?" I asked her. She simply nodded. "Well, she has got enough money know and Katie, my mom and I are going to move there tomorrow." 

I could see that Jessica was about to break out in tears. But she had a questionable look on her face. "Please tell me your kidding." she said. "I'm not. Im sorry I didn't tell you sooner but I don't want to say good-bye to you!" 

And of course, she started bursting out crying. When ever she cries, I always cry as well. We hug for what seems like only a second, but we know we have to go to school. We wipe away our tears and start heading to school. 

It was a really silent walk. Both of us were in too much shock. When we got to school, I had to face that this was the last time I will ever see all of my friends again. 

 This was going to be a long and hard day, for both me and Jessica. 


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