The Games

This is about a 13 year old girl, who just moved to California, US and has a hard time fitting in.


3. Good-Byes

As I head into science, I see that Casey is waiting for me. Sh*t 

Casey has been my friend ever since I came to White Rock High School. (2 years) He has short dark hair, light brown eyes that are blue-ish in the middle. All the girls are falling for him. Im not. totally. We're just friends. thats all. But I don't know if he's falling for any of the girls. He usually just hangs with me and Jessica. Today he's wearing a Diamond Co. sweatshirt with some jeans, and his Osiris's. '

So, I go sit next to him. "hey." he says to me as I sit. " hi." I try to avoid eye contact right now because my eyes are watering up. He can tell I'm sad. 

"whats wrong?" he asks. I face it to myself that I'm going to have to tell him. So I'm just going to blurt it out. "I'm moving to California with Katie and my mom tomorrow." I put down my head so I wont see his face and how hurt he's going to be. I wait for him to talk but he's just sitting  there. As Mr. Knapp is talking, I'm just waiting for Casey. After like, 5 minutes Casey replies. "oh. I'm going to miss you." Such simple words. But they start to make me tear up again. He wipes away my tear, and I sit up, and attempt to smile at him. "me too." is all I can say to him right now. 

At lunch, everyone rushes over to me and is hugging me and saying good-bye. everyone as in all my friends. Ella, Alison, Lindsay, Sarah, Racheal, Kennedy. All of us just get in a big group hug. We all stands there for 10 minutes. I know everyone else is just staring at us but right now I dont give a sh*t. 

Now its the end of school, and I'm hugging everyone for the last time. Casey and Jessica come over. They say their going to help me with my packing. As we drive off, I wave to everyone else, and watch as they disappear. 

"good-bye White Rock Elementary Hello California." I say to myself. 

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