The Games

This is about a 13 year old girl, who just moved to California, US and has a hard time fitting in.


4. Accident

When we get back to my house, we get right to the packing. I pack my bathing suites, my shorts, my sweats, everything. Well, not everything. I give some stuff to Jessica. Only the stuff I wont need in California. And I give Casey some of the photos I had of him and me. He loves collecting pictures. 

When we finished, we went down stairs and helped pack all the kitchen stuff. There were about 12 boxes full of kitchen stuff. When we were all done, the whole house looked so bare. Except for the couches, chairs, TV's, beds, and washing machines. We're not taking any of those with us. 

Katie comes down the stairs caring 3 luggage bags. I bet she's carrying double her weight! And of course, she trips on the stairs and falls down. She fell down all the way and crashed into the walls. I heard a big crack while she was falling. Her bags went open and her clothes flew everywhere. Casey, Jessica and I ran over to help her up. 

When Katie got up, she was crying her eyes out and clutching her right arm. "MY ARM HURTS SO MUCH! I think its broken."

"MOM!! COME HELP!" I call mom to come help. Mom comes rushing in. "what, what happened! what was that big huge crashing!?!?!" "I think Katie broke her arm. She fell down the stairs." I start to smile alittle. I couldn't hold it in. Cuz, how can you not hold a straight face when you say that? Who can fall down the stairs. But mom didnt like me smiling at all. Neither did Katie.

So, mom and I took Katie to the hospital to get  it checked. And Casey and Jessica went home. But I'll see them later. 

After waiting for about an hour, Katie comes out with a big white cast on  her right arm. Her eyes are still red from crying. great. Another way she will slow us down while traveling! I think to myself. 

We go home, Katie has a rest while me and mom pack the moving truck with all the boxes. 

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