So you're a bad boi,huh?(a zayn malik fanfiction)

She was a highly attractive girl.She was smart,and had no time for boyfriends. Wyona Nadly was a girl who worked as the stylist of Zayn Malik,who is all fun and games. Will he be able to loosen her up, or will she remain so uptight?


3. The

Zayn was suprised to see I had a guy with me.He was totally convinced,and super jealous.
Ryan was selling it.Holding my hand and kissing me.Hes the best

We ride in a limo and zayn asked a million questions
Zayn:How'd did you guys meet?
Ryan: I met her 8 months ago @ jack wills. She was working there and we spotted each other.Thats I knew she was the one

Ryan is the best liar!For a second I was convinced.He put hand around me and did a fake blush

Zayn:What kind of dates fo you go on,Wyona?
Me:We dont go on many dates.We like to chill together at OUR place
Zayn:You live together.
Ryan:Yeah and. its so amazing! We get to have some private time.

We soon arrived where we met the rest of the band. They all looked at Zayn

Louis:You owe me $100!
Harry:And $50 for me

He had a bet that that I didnt actually have a boyfriend and lost.
he then went to go talk to zayn inside and Niall led me somewhere else in there.

Niall's Pov: I can see why Zayn likes her. She's gorgeous!
Me:So where are you from?
Me:Me too!
Wyona:My dad is Irish,but my mom was Scottish and Irish.I used to live in Ireland when I was younger.But we moved to England when my stepmother died.
Me:Really?I'm sorry!Where did you live?
Harry interrupted us as always
Harry:Hello gorgeous
Harry:So your Zayn's stylist?
Wyona:Sadly yes
Harry:Well why dont you come to my place afterwards?
Wyona:I have a boyfriend!
Zayn:You mean stepbrother
So she is single!
Your Pov:
Zayn:I got him drunk and he told me!
So that means your single.
Me:No! I'm dating...
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