So you're a bad boi,huh?(a zayn malik fanfiction)

She was a highly attractive girl.She was smart,and had no time for boyfriends. Wyona Nadly was a girl who worked as the stylist of Zayn Malik,who is all fun and games. Will he be able to loosen her up, or will she remain so uptight?


5. The runaway girl

       Each kiss was more intense than the first,and I could'nt pull myself away. Suddenly, I could. I left him there and ran off. When I reached the front entrance and was headed outside, someone tapped my shoulder. I was too scared to look back, so i decided to keep running.  when I was outside I heard Zayn calling me. " Wyona!" I froze when someone grabbed my arm. It wasnt him, though. I closed my eyes shut and was full of fear. Suddenly we stopped. I could tell I was on the rooftop again, but wasnt sure if it actually was Zayn that had led me, or someone else." Please open your eyes!" I voice called. I then knew who it was. I opened my eyes to see Niall in front of me. His hand still held mine, and his eyes were staring into mine. I felt myself get closer and closer , untill our lips met. This time I knew the feeling was real. It all stopped when Zayn came. His face was full at anger, and you could see him staring at Niall with the evil eyes.  "Wyona?" I heard Ryan call. The others popped up too. They saw everything. There was a moment of silence untill Niall's ride came. Ryan and I rode with him and it stopped at our place first. Our goodbye was a tight hug abd a kiss on the cheek. A million questions went passed my mind , but the one I wondered most was "Whos kiss was better?"



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