So you're a bad boi,huh?(a zayn malik fanfiction)

She was a highly attractive girl.She was smart,and had no time for boyfriends. Wyona Nadly was a girl who worked as the stylist of Zayn Malik,who is all fun and games. Will he be able to loosen her up, or will she remain so uptight?


2. The fake boyfriend

Ryan's Pov: I was watching my favorite show,Modern Family,when I got a call fron Wyona telling me to wait for her. I was so confused. Which isnt a shocker because I always am.You see,Wyona is my stepsister.Her dad and my mom got married when we were 5.My mom died,and her dad adopted me.Ever since I felt confused in lonely way.I mean,they both love me,its just they are way smarter than me.Wyona is the greatest sister ever!I live with her in a two story house in London.She's letting me stay,untill I can buy my own house.

I heard a knock on the door.It was Wyona.We sat down at the living room and I could tell by the look inher eyes she wanted me to do her a favor

Wyona:Ryan,can I ask you something?
Her piercing green eyes look into my blue ones and a look of desperation showed in hers
Ryan:Sure, Wy!
That was my nickname for her.I called her that because I couldnt pronounce her name when we met.

Your Pov:I told him everything,and he understood perfectly
Ryan:Today,we are no longer siblings,but a couple
he sounded like a powerful god in a funny way.

I changed my tee and skinnies to a light blue strapless ruffled dress with silver stilletoes.I straightened my hair and put a touch of eyeliner,mascara,and lipgloss.I heard a knock on the door and the words that came in mind "god help me"
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