So you're a bad boi,huh?(a zayn malik fanfiction)

She was a highly attractive girl.She was smart,and had no time for boyfriends. Wyona Nadly was a girl who worked as the stylist of Zayn Malik,who is all fun and games. Will he be able to loosen her up, or will she remain so uptight?


4. so good yet so bad

Me: ...uh Niall!

I started kissing him which made Zayn furious. I felt bad for Niall. He was so nice and I just did that to him. He must hate me for doing that to him. :(

Niall's Pov:

Zayn: Really Niall?
Niall: Yes! We both come from Ireland so we have this special connection.

Wow! I was kissed by the prettiest girl ever. Her lips were so perfect and they were so soft.Of course she used me to save herself, but I couldnt blame her. Zayn is a great guy, but I think I deserve Wyona. He could find a girl within a min, but it could take a lifetime for me

Your pov:
Zayn: Well then, Niall , Im borrowing your girlfriend. he grabbed my hand and led me to the bar where he got me some Vodka.

zayn:drink this!
(he said giving me the shot.)
Me: I dont drink

I was serious about not drinking. Never have I ever drank any alcohol or di some type of drug. Although I did smoke once a month,which I think is worse.

Zayn: Come in! Your so uptight!
Me : am not

I grabbed the shot and drank it. Then I asked for another.

Zayn: Slow down. I havent even gotten to the good part.

I was so drunk, I let him lead to tthe rooftop. We were sittingdown looking at thestars when we kissed. We went lower each time untill we reached each others necks. It felt so good even though I knew It shouldntve.
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