So you're a bad boi,huh?(a zayn malik fanfiction)

She was a highly attractive girl.She was smart,and had no time for boyfriends. Wyona Nadly was a girl who worked as the stylist of Zayn Malik,who is all fun and games. Will he be able to loosen her up, or will she remain so uptight?


6. coffee and a kiss

  I told myself I wouldnt answer, but I really wanted to. I mean Zayns kiss was intense and doubtful, while Nialls was sweet and real. I know the easier choice is to say Niall, but there was something about Zayns kiss that felt amazing. I dont know what, but I will find out.

        As I got ready for bed, I noticed something in my purse. It was a paper that read,"call me?xoxo Niall." On the back, it said his number, and I decided to call tomorrow. 

                                                         ---NEXT DAY---

            I woke up not wanting to go to work, but I did anyway. When I was parking I saw Harry outside talking to someone. It was Zayn. I quickly found a spot and went towards them.

       "What'cha talking about?" I asked half smiling.        

        Zayn was about to answer, but was interrrupted by Louis Coming with coffee. 

        "Here u go Zayn!" Louis said handing him a hot cup of coffee with whipped cream slowly melting.

        "Thanks Lou!" He said 

       "We should probably go inside before Simon gets mad." Harry suggested.

         "Alright, come on Wyona!" Zayn said, grabbing my hand. Part of me couldnt let go, not because I couldnt, but because I didnt want to.

           I finally let go when we reached his dressing room, and began to search the racks. I found a plain blue shirt, and some dark jeans.

       "How's this" I asked Zayn holding them up.

        There was no answer, and I felt hands on my hips. I turned around to see Zayn. I then put my hands around his neck. As we were slowly moving closer, Simon came in. We didnt notice he came until our lips touched. 

        "What on Earth is going on?" Simon asked.







           "how's this?" I asked holding up the clothes.

            "with what shoes?" He replied, smiling.

            "The ones ur wearing are fine." I answered smiling back.

                  All of a sudden Zayn came towards me.His hands were on my hips, and I put my hand around his neck. As we were slowing moving forward, Simon came in.

        "What on Earth is going on?" He asked.

        Zayn I stopped what we were doing and stayed silent.

       "Yeah that what I thought Simon 


               "How's this for ur interview?" I asked holding them up.

                "with what shoes?" He asked smiling.

                "the one ur wearing are fine" I said smil   

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