Lost in His Eyes

Den 16 årig Judith Farrell er en helt normal teenager,men en dag da får hun uventet besøg af hendes 4 år ældre veninde Eleanor fra London, som har en ret så stor nyhed som hun vil dele med Judith og Anny (Judiths bedste veninde), hvilket resultere i at åbne op for en helt ny verden, en verden som skal sidde Judith og Annys venskab på en prøve.

- En One Direction Fan Fiction


4. The airport


"I can't believe you didn't know what razzels were El!"

"Yeah, I didn't have friends like you when I was a kid," You see Eleanor was 4 Years older than us and when she was our age she was more like a big sister too us then our friend. We didn't do as much stuff together back then.

"Well at least you know now." I say ripping another package open and giggling.

"Of course! How could I have continued my life without razzels!" Eleanor teases. We are sprawled out in Anny's bedroom getting ready for bed as we had previously decided it would be best for us to spend the night together since our flight was early in the morning. Our flight was at 6:30 AM so we had to get up early. It was already 11 o'clock so Eleanor being the oldest decided it was time for us to go to bed.

I lay next to Anny in her bed staring at the ceiling. I laughed a little as I remembered our conversation the first time I had ever slept in this spot…

"You can sleep there but don't be surprised if you wake up with a pillow on your face."

"Oh okay Anny. So what your saying is, I may suffocate you in your sleep but it’s no problem?"

"Yeah pretty much." She said seriously.

"Okay." I nod and continue, "I'm okay with that." We smile and burst out laughing.


My eyes are heavy and I am tired enough to sleep a year. I just can't stop thinking about tomorrow though! I mean it’s like Christmas Eve. I look over at the clock. Okay never mind I take it back I can't stop thinking about today, it's already 4 AM. Ugh. The others had been asleep ever since they lay down and I saw no point in trying to fall asleep because that what I had been doing this whole time. I sigh and roll of the edge of the bed stepping over Eleanor and walking across the hallway to the bathroom. I guess I should just get ready now then I can wake the girls up later.

I closed the door softly and turned the water on grabbing a towel out of the cupboard. I slid my clothes of and stepped into the shower letting the warm water flow over me. If I stayed like that for much longer I feared I would fall asleep so I washed up and slipped out drying off with my towel and wrapping it around me. I opened the door letting the steam seep out of the bathroom creeping back careful not to wake Anny's parents or little sister.

The clock read 4:45 and if I knew my girls they would need sometime too get around so I woke them up. They trudged around getting ready as I sat on the bed brushing my long dirty blonde hair. I looked into the mirror in front of me observing the bags under my blue gray eyes. I sighed and threw my hair up into a messy bun and grabbed the out-fit Anny had laid out for me. I didn't pay much attention but I don't think I recognized it so I assumed it came from the recent shopping trip.

I walked over to the mirror again looking at myself. I was wearing pair of rolled up skinny jeans and a floral tank. A Navy cardigan brought out the blue in the floral pattern and matched the color of my TOMS nicely. Not bad, I thought. I grabbed a thick navy t-shirt headband and pinned my bangs back with a bobby pin.

I sat down by the window staring out at the road. It must have rained last night because the grass was wet and there was mosquitoes flying everywhere… I don't know how I missed that. I felt an arm grip around me and I just keep staring. "You okay Hun?" I here Eleanor ask.

"Yeah, just tired. Is it that noticeable" I say with a quiet chuckle.

"Is that all macaroni?" She presses. I smile at the old nickname she gave me.

"Yes um. Just tired. I didn't sleep a wink last night."

"Aww. Poor baby." She teases grabbing my head and pulling it to her chest. She begins hugging me and stroking my hair so I can't help but smile into her shoulder.

"Guy's, times up." Anny says sleepily as she walks in with her bag. She's wearing a light purple skirt with a white tank top and cover-up. She had sparkles around her eyes and light blue eye shadow making her brown eyes pop. I look down to her feet and smirk.

"You better not do anything to those shoes or I may have to kill you." I say walking over to her. She’s wearing my new blue converse, but they look great so I don't take them. El and I stand up and grab our luggage following Anny out to the car. We close the door and throw our stuff in the trunk. I slide into the passenger seat and Anny slides into the back. My head is resting against the cold window and my eyes were closed as I felt Eleanor start the car.

"Go to sleep Macaroni." Eleanor pats my leg and we back out of the driveway.


"Wake up love we are at the airport."

"Are you sure?" I moan.

"Year baby. I'm pretty sure this is an airport." Anny reply’s giggling. I felt like I slept for no more than a minute.


We sit in our seats on the plane as we take off. El is on my right and Anny on my left. I lean my head on Anny’s shoulder and she wraps her arm around me kissing my head. I make a funny face and she laughs. I fell asleep with her hand rubbing my arm and soft voices having conversations around me. I have nerver felt so tired.


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