Lost in His Eyes

Den 16 årig Judith Farrell er en helt normal teenager,men en dag da får hun uventet besøg af hendes 4 år ældre veninde Eleanor fra London, som har en ret så stor nyhed som hun vil dele med Judith og Anny (Judiths bedste veninde), hvilket resultere i at åbne op for en helt ny verden, en verden som skal sidde Judith og Annys venskab på en prøve.

- En One Direction Fan Fiction


15. Reunion


(Anny POV)

"Hi guys!" I say putting a fake smile on my face. I let them all in the house and close the door. I look around and them and we just stand there for a minute.

"ANNY BOO!" Louis yells and picks me up spinning me around. I am laughing my head off and I hug him.

"I missed you soo much Lou!"

"I missed you too, Love." I grin and hug him again turning back to the boys. I look over to Harry and he gives me his famous grin. I smile from ear to ear and run to his arms. He grabs me and pulls me into him tightly. We just stand there for a minute until Louis decides to be Louis. He reaches his arms around us and yells, "Group hug!".

We all laugh and I hug the boys individually. I can tell Niall had lost weight and his smile was not real. I hugged him tightly and didn't let go. "I'm sorry." I whisper in his ear and pull away. He looks at me sadly and I can tell that he doesn't blame me.

"Soo where is my Judith?" Louis asks.

I reach back and scratch the back of my neck awquardly. "I- Uh- I don't know exactly." I smile sheepishly and the boys look at me confused. "She uh… went on a walk." I stand there quietly waiting for someone to say something.

"It's raining." Liam states unsure.

"Yep" I say popping the p and falling back onto the sofa. "I couldn't stop her. She's to stubborn so I uh… let her go."

"Where is she…"

(Judith POV)

I walk out of the door wrapped in Niall's sweatshirt. I didn't care if Anny knew I had it, in fact she probably already knew. I just ran down the sidewalk and to the park. Anny and I come here all the time and I decided it was the best place for me to cry my eyes out. Anny didn't need me to destroy her good mood. The fight flashed before my eyes. Then I saw me running into Niall and collapsing in his arms outside the hotel, me leaving Niall at the airport, Anny and I sobbing into each other’s shoulders… I couldn't take it. I ran as fast as I could through the rain and I was blinded by the lightning flashing before my eyes. Tears poured from my eyes and I screamed in frustration pounding my fist against the play equipment. I quickly pulled my hand back into me as pain flooded though me. I rested my forehead on the swing set in front of me and slowly dropped down to my knees. I felt like I was drowning in tears and I was desperately trying to resurface. Then all the sudden I hear Niall's voice yelling my name. I thought it was my imagination, I thought it was the airport replaying through my mind then I heard it again.

"Judith! Judith! Is that you!" My head snaps up and my heart explodes. There stands a very wet Niall staring at me in desperation. I grab the pole on the swings and help myself up slowly never taking my eyes away from him. "Please." I hear him shout over the rain and thunder, I swallow the lump in my throat and my stomach twists into a million knots I stare at him frozen. He silently holds his arms out and stares into my eyes.

"Niall." I say just loud enough from him to hear.

"Yes." He says smiling. The rain water is running down his face and his hair is flat against his head but his eyes still sparkle. I take off running, "Niall!" I scream lunging into his arms. He grabs my waist and holds me tight against him. I rest my hands on his chest feeling the beat of his heart thought the wet material of his t-shirt. He grabs the back of my neck and pulls my face close to his resting his forehead on mine.

"I love you." He whispers. Tears run down my face and I smile laughing.

"I love you too." I say closing the distance and kissing him. I feel a light weight on my chest and get the chills pulling away from Niall. I look down and laugh. I kiss him again fingering the necklace that was now around my neck again.

"I found someone special to give this too. Just like you said." He says through the quick kisses he was putting on my lips. I feel his smile against mine and pull him closer.

"I knew you would." I mumble deepening the kiss.


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