Lost in His Eyes

Den 16 årig Judith Farrell er en helt normal teenager,men en dag da får hun uventet besøg af hendes 4 år ældre veninde Eleanor fra London, som har en ret så stor nyhed som hun vil dele med Judith og Anny (Judiths bedste veninde), hvilket resultere i at åbne op for en helt ny verden, en verden som skal sidde Judith og Annys venskab på en prøve.

- En One Direction Fan Fiction


6. Meeting the Boys


I squint onto the sunlight sitting up slowly. Eleanor and Anny were gone so I assumed they were in another room. I throw my hair up and put some red athletic shorts on. I leave whatever T-shirt I have on deciding to find the girls. I was no longer tired, just a little grumpy from having to wake up, as usual. I open the bedroom door and see El, Anny and three boys sitting on couches. I stand there for a minute and they all look at me. I turn around and shut the door. Walking into the bathroom I turn the faucet on and splash cold water on my face. Liam, Louis and Niall were not in there. I was dreaming. I opened the door once again and… they were still there. Okay… weird.

Everyone was stifling giggles and looking at me. I knit my eyebrows together and trudged over to Anny. I snuggled into her side as she chuckled. "Morning sunshine!" She yelled throwing her arms around me. I put my finger on her lips so she doesn't talk.

"Anny-boo…. Is one direction really in our living room?"

"Nooooooo." She says shaking her head.

"I didn't think so." I said before getting cut off.

"Only Three fifths of one direction is in our living room." My eyes snap open as she leans down to whisper something in my ear. "Hun, you may wanna go change your shirt." I look down quickly. Oh crap. I race to the bed room stubbing my toe on the door.

"Ahh! Fudge pancakes! That wasn't there before!" I yell closing the door. I rip my shirt off and throw a different one on quickly. I stare at my other shirt. I didn't just wear that shirt out there. I re- read the writing a million times before nodding and walking back out. Yep, that's me. Future Mrs. Horan… the idiot. I sit back down at Anny's side burring my head in her. "I'm so stupid!" I mumble. Then I scream.

"Wake up! We have company!" She yells tickling me till I fall off the couch onto the floor. I growl at her and immediately regret it.

"Ugh! Anny get off me!" I cry in agony.

"Judith. Get off your butt and introduce yourself!" I flip over so she can't see my face but she grabs my hand instead. "Come on sleeping beauty!" she grunts pulling me up.

"Fine. I'm going to change." I start to trudge away and look back at Anny as she says something.

"Loose the attitude girl." I stick my tongue out at her and we both laugh. I shut the door and here laughs burst out from everyone in the room. Haha I'm good.

After changing I walk back out and look around. "Woah, when did all these people get here?" I walk over to the group and sigh. "I’m Farrell. Or Judith… whatever flips your waffle." You may think I'm weird but I say strange stuff like that, ALL THE TIME. Louis stands up first and I expect him to come over and shake my hand or something. Right? Not being weird there. He runs over to me and picks me up spinning me around. "Louis Tomlinson! Put me down" I yell at him. He obliges and looks at them.

"Your cute." He says poking my cheek.

"You are too." I say then I slap him lightly on the cheek. "Don't call me cute." I turn around and there stands daddy direction.

"Hi, Liam." He says holding out his hand. I take it smiling.

"See Lou. This is normal." I say looking at him. He laughs shrugging,

"You still love me though? Don't you baby!" he yells.

"Oh course I do Lou-bear." I say hugging him. He smiles at what I called him and seems satisfied. He pulls me onto his lap and I sit there for a second. "Okay there's still another person I have to meet Lou. Don't hog me." I try to stand up and he doesn't let me. I lick his hand and he stands up screaming.

"Ahh! Poisoned!" He falls to the floor as I turn to meet the last person. I am face to face with beautiful blue eyes that I can't turn away from. They belonged to, none other than Niall Horan. My stomach exploded with butterflies and I suddenly felt shy. "Niall" He says with a goofy grin. I don't move because I don't think I can. Then the sharp pain on my arm pulled me out. I see Anny walk away from the corner of my eye and look at her with thanks.

"Juudith." I stutter out with a half smile on my face. I could feel my cheeks heating up. Niall grabbed my hand and kissed my knuckles lightly, "Pleased to meet you."

"Can someone help me in the kitchen?" Anny yells. Louis stands up dragging Eleanor with him. He playfully smacked Niall on the back of the head when he ran bye and I giggled. Niall drops my hand and sits down without his smile faltering and pats the cushion next to him. I get a feeling of déjà vu when I realize that I can't move again. Then I'm shoved down landing on Niall's lap. "Sit down dummy" Anny smirks sitting down on the floor.

I glare at her then remember where I'm at. "Oh my gosh." I stutter standing up. "I'm so sorry. I-I" I start to apologize again and he cuts me off.

"It's fine. Really." I sit down where he earlier wanted me to, my heart beating out of my chest. Niall's laugh was perfect.

"By the way. What time is it? And where are..."

"Harry and Zayn?" Niall finishes. "They weren't awake yet buts its 11."

"K then. Anny m'dear. What's for breakfast?"

"Oh... Nothing. Just, Cinnamon rolls." She tells me casually.

"Yay!" I yell tackling her. She shoves me off while cracking up. I love cinnamon rolls. They are the best thing ever.

"I have to go check them though. So move, unless you want them delightfully burned of course" she jokes. "I don't trust Lou's cooking skills and frankly I know what Eleanor's are like" she mumbles under her breath.

I had finally got my energy back and I felt better. "Sooooo." I start to say but stop because of a knock on the door. I smile and tucked my head in somersaulting to the door. I stand up for my finish and open the door in a swift move. "Welcome to my humble abode!" I say. "Just kidding…. It’s not mine. I skip over to the middle of the room leaving Harry and Zayn standing there smiling likes idiots. Niall is rolling on the floor laughing and I look back to the door. "Come in…" I sweep my imaginary cape over me and run into the kitchen yelling, "If you dare!" I stop dead in my tracks as I smell a familiar scent. I turn around and see Anny opening the oven. "Fooooood!" I yell running to her.


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