Lost in His Eyes

Den 16 årig Judith Farrell er en helt normal teenager,men en dag da får hun uventet besøg af hendes 4 år ældre veninde Eleanor fra London, som har en ret så stor nyhed som hun vil dele med Judith og Anny (Judiths bedste veninde), hvilket resultere i at åbne op for en helt ny verden, en verden som skal sidde Judith og Annys venskab på en prøve.

- En One Direction Fan Fiction


12. Girlfriends before boys


I pull up to Anny's house knowing that's where she would be. Every time anything happened it would always be here, and I hope that what would happen here today would be good and not bad. I step out of the car quietly and just stand there. I stare at the house and my heart begins pounding. My hands are shaking so bad I have to clasp them together. I take one step towards the door and then another. My heart feels as though it will beat out of my chest. I had always been welcomed in Anny's home. I remember all the time's I came here and just ran up, opened the door and went in. But now that's changed. I feel like I’m a stranger to this house.

I step up onto the first step and remember Anny creeping off this very spot into the yard to get her Taylor Swift doll that we threw out the window and I want to smile but I can't.

The second step comes and I remember us running to the house after Anny stepped on a bee. I look up and I catch my breath. There is the door I have walked through so many times. Suddenly I see us crashing into Eleanor when she arrived to tell us the good news and the tears I had been holding back finally came. They started to pour down my cheeks as I reached up to knock on the door. It was strange and sad to do this because I don't remember one time I had ever knocked on their door.

The door opens and Taylor is standing there. I quickly wipe away my tears and try to stop anymore from coming as Anny's little sister screamed. "Judith!" She yelled happily hugging me as tightly as her little arms could. I stroked her hair probably drowning her in my tears.

"Where's sister, hun?" I choke out.

"What's wrong?" The little 4 year old asks looking at me with wide eyes.

"Nothing. It's okay." She seems unsure but points to the back yard anyways. I stroke her cheek sadly and stand up. "Thanks." I say trying to smile for her. I walk over to the window and gaze into the back yard. The first time I was ever here we rolled down that hill. The first time I was here…

Anny is walking sadly around the back yard wiping away tears furiously. She stops at a little sprinkler and just stares at it. It's the sprinkler we always jumped threw. She continues her journey and stops under the big oak tree. She looks up and runs her hand across it lightly. My heart breaks again as I see her shudder and collapse her knees on the ground in front of that tree. I want to run out there and comfort her but, I can't. What is she didn't want me here? Then what would I do? I want to apologize and tell her everything's gonna be okay and that no boy is ever going to come between us again. That everything is going to go back to normal, like we had never met one direction. I slowly walk to the door and grasp the handle. I turn it and push the door open. I silently walk out to her and stop staring at her shuddering figure. I take one last deep breath and walk to her.

(Anny POV)

I collapse to the ground remembering all of our moments together. Sobbing my heart out under that tree that was, before so happy to be around. All I can do is picture us in the parking lot. How could I say that? I was being selfish. It was horrible that I left, I just made it worse. She's probably in London with Niall now. I regret it all and now I'm alone in my back yard. "How could I do this?" I mutter through sobs. Then I feel a hand laying on my shoulder and I turn around to see her face, her beautiful face. I rub my eyes knowing it was just a dream.


(Judith POV)

"It's real. I'm here." I whisper as she stares at me. Suddenly she's in my arms and we are sobbing apologies into each other’s shoulders.

"I'm so sorry." Anny mumbles.

"No. It's my fault. I treated you like dirt, that's why I'm here. To tell you it's all gonna be fine because now I only have you." I smile at her and her face drops.

"Wha- What do you mean?"

"It's over with Niall. I can't lose you, your way more important than some silly boy."

"I love you Judith she says smiling. I smile back but I can see something in her eyes. I can't figure out what it is but I forget about it and hug her again. "I love you too girl."


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