Lost in His Eyes

Den 16 årig Judith Farrell er en helt normal teenager,men en dag da får hun uventet besøg af hendes 4 år ældre veninde Eleanor fra London, som har en ret så stor nyhed som hun vil dele med Judith og Anny (Judiths bedste veninde), hvilket resultere i at åbne op for en helt ny verden, en verden som skal sidde Judith og Annys venskab på en prøve.

- En One Direction Fan Fiction


11. Bye bye my lover..


I tear up the stairs to brazed to wait for the elevator. Everything is blurry from the tears pouring out of my eyes. I hit the last step still running and burst through the door onto our floor. I am breathing hard and my hearts besting faster than ever. My legs feel like jello and I don't know how but I pushed forward. I reach the door after what seems like eternity and stick the key in the slot. I yank the door open and run to Anny's room. What have I done? Why did I say those things? There's no way she's still here. How could I lose her! I curse under my breath. I skid into Anny's room and I was right. Nothing was here. She was gone. I punched the wall as hard I could and started to sob even harder. I was sitting in a ball on the floor and I felt like I couldn't breathe but I stood anyways and pushed on.

I stumble off the stairs tears running down my face and my voice hoarse from yelling. I shove the door open and run into something hard. I open my eyes and see what it was. Niall.

"No! Move!" I yell

"Judith! What's wrong?" He yells voice full of concern.

"Anny! She's- She's gone!" He grabs me and pulls me into a hug. "Shh! Babe. Your fine. It will be okay." He starts stroking my hair as I sob into his shoulder. "What do you mean she's gone?" he asks me once I calmed down a little. I take a breath and try to collect my self as he brushes a tear of my cheek with his thumb. "She- we- I…" I try and tell him and I just keep stumbling over my words. "She's flying home. We got in a fight. I can't lose her." I mumble putting my head in his shoulder. "I can't."

"Come on." He says pulling me up.

"No. I have to go " I say trying to push away from him.

"I no." He smiles sadly. "I'm taking you to the airport." His voice is calming and he picks me up bridal style and caries me to the car. The last thing I can remember is pulling out of the parking lot. I fell into a deep, well needed sleep.

"Babe" I faintly here Niall then feel a hand on my shoulder. Judith. We are here."

,y eyes flick open as all the memories flood back. We go to the airport and Niall buys me a plane ticket. Anny caught a flight earlier then mine so I would have to wait a while. We sat down and I decided to tell Niall the story. He holds my hand in his as I tell him and I can't help but think I shouldn't let him. Boys should never come before friends. Ever. I guess I got so caught up in this relationship I did ignore her. I think I was taking it a lot faster then I should have. It makes me sad to think maybe I did it because it had always been my dream, who knew that dream could make such a impact on me. I looked at Niall during the story and he seemed to be lost in thought to. He looked sad. I didn't want him to feel bad, but then again I don't think I knew anything at this point.

I heard the call for my flight and look up at Niall sadly. I had to do this. I stood up pulling him with me. He started to kiss my neck and my heart dropped. I began to play with my necklace and then I pulled away from him. He looked at me in confusion and I died inside.

"Niall… I… " I didn't want to do this but I think it was for the best. " I looked down at the necklace and back to his beautiful blue eyes. "I- This. It has to end." I unfasten the necklace quickly and grip it in my hand.

"No! No. It doesn't! Please! Judith!" I avoid eye contact hanging my head so he couldn't see my silent tears.

"Anny is to special. I can't do this. I. I need to go. I will miss you Niall." I lean up to kiss his wet cheek and press the clover into his palm. He grips it tightly as I turn to leave.

"Judith! Please!" I start to jog away and here his voice once more, "Don't go! I love you." I turn quickly and yell back, "Give that necklace to someone special for me!" Tears begin pouring from my eyes as I get on the plane. I sit down by the window and put my forehead against the cool glass. "I love you too." I whisper closing my eyes.


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