This Road is Treacherous

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1. Chapter one

The cool metal from his old paper airplane necklace beat against my bare chest leaving goosebumps on the surface. I wish Harry would come back. I wish he would mold his pink lips to mine, but that damn restraining order was always popping up into head.
"90 feet" It screeched. 
To make things worse, I'm Paul's neice. So wherever he goes, I go. I think you guys can put the pieces together yourself. I can't talk, touch, or look at the boy I spend 24/7 with. Of course we've already broken the no talking or no looking rule, and I had intentions of breaking the last one. 
"Emily!" My uncle calls from the hallway, "We're supposed to be leaving for the airport in two minutes! You better be downstairs, luggage in hand, in the next five seconds or I will drag you down by your hair." 
My hand automatically reaches up to my dark brown locks. I'm not going to take my chances with him. He's too unpredictable. 
"I'm coming!" I wrap my fingers around my suitcase and swing the duffel bag onto my shoulder before walking out into the hallway.
"About damn time." His words where echoed by a bunch of throaty laughs in the living room. I'd say there where about five? 
Instinctively, I drop my stuff and run int the room full of my bestfriends. Though one face, the face I really wanted to see, wasn't among the ones I saw. My face fell, and I guess it was obvious. 
"Do you really think Paul- our security guard, your uncle- would let him come in?" Louis asks, "He's already at the airport with Andy." 
I couldn't help the sigh that escaped my lips. My life sucks. 
"It's great to see you after our 2 month break though, love." 
Each of the boys take turns embracing me, but the pout stuck on my face. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to see them, I really was, but I'd much rather have seen Harry. 
It was silent for a few more moments before Paul barges in, my luggage and his luggage in hand. 
"It's time to go, boys. America's waiting." 
They all shuffle out the door leaving me alone in the house for a minute. I'm happy to leave. This is where it all happened. Everything that makes my life hell. If I could, I'd never come back, but once the tour is over in two months, I'll be back here. Suffering.

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