The Fanfic without a name

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1. Chapter one

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Paisley's Pov -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
“Train to London Paddington has now arrived at platform 1a. The train will be departing the station at 10:24 before arriving at your destination at 2:45” is what I heard as my sister, mother and I ran up the steps 
“Bye Mum, bye Mils, remember to skype and call me whenever you can!” were the last words that escaped my dry lips that had been chapped by the bitter October winds as the train left platform 1a from Cardiff to get to London, before silent pitiful sobs started to ache the back of my throat instead of just letting the tears stream down my bony cheeks. 
I spent the first quarter of an hour of my journey trying to get my head around the fact that there was a possibility that I wouldn’t see my family for up to 15 weeks, and that I had been picked out of thousands of applicants across the UK and Ireland to take part in a reality TV show featuring One Direction, which could give me a chance to maybe promote my youtube channel and my song covers that I’d previously posted. For the next half hour of my journey, I pulled out my white iPhone 5, pushed my penguin earphones into the slot and logged into my Facebook account. I had a surprise to see 5 messages, and usually I was lucky to have 1 when I was online, let alone offline. Two of the five messages were wishing me luck on the TV, the others were asking about when I started singing, which I had no clue what they were on about. I clicked on my profile bar to try and see what they meant, and then I saw it. There was a video of me singing, that I don’t even remember posting with 17,000 likes, and it had only been up for an hour. As if she was telepathic, my 13 year old sister Millie’s name popped up on the screen of my phone.
From: Millie
To: Paisley
Do you like your surprise? You know I love you really! Oh and don’t forget to get me Harry’s autograph;) Please don’t hate me, I miss you already♥♥♥♥
I sighed, maybe she was just trying to help me after all?
The rest of the journey flew by; it felt like only another hour had passed by the time I arrived in London.
I hung my head in shame as I walked off the train in my skinniest dark skinny jeans that stuck to my long legs and my baggy red ‘I’m with 1D’ t-shirt that was apparently compulsory. This would be embarrassing even if I liked One Direction, but the simple fact is that I don’t, but it’s not as if I hate them, I just dislike their music apart from one or two songs which are written by Ed Sheeran and I absolutely hate their fans, they’re all so bitchy and protective, and as soon as they’re spotted with a girl death threats are thrown all over the place. The other thing about One Direction is how they seem to act, Harry’s a player, Liam’s too clean cut, Louis’ is too crazy and Zayn or whatever he’s called seems like he doesn’t even want to be there half of the time. The one I think that I’ll probably like best is Niall, food, sleep and swearing, he seems like my kind of guy.
So you might be wondering just exactly why I, Paisley Griffiths have just travelled about 180 miles to go and meet a band that I’m not really fussed on, and why aren’t I giving someone else the opportunity? The truth is, I was trying to be nice to my 13 year old sister and win her a chance of a lifetime for her birthday present, but my master plan backfired when I lied and clicked the ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ button without reading them. What a mistake, but who say’s that this can’t be a fun time? Winding up stupid fangirls for a few weeks? Sounds like my type of fun, and a situation is only what you make of it, right?

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