What Makes You Beautifu

this is a Niall Horan fanfic.
tell me if i should continue


2. Chapter two

Jas’ POV
Its Saturday morning, I go back to school next week. One more week left of the holidays. One more week to enjoy the time with my friends. Well today I’m going shopping with Jessie, to get things for school, some clothes, and just for a girly catch up. As my alarm rings I groan and roll out of bed. I wake up to reality, away from my dreams. Hmmp. I stay in my pjamas and go downstairs to find my little brother watching SpongeBob and a note on the kitchen table. ‘Dads in work, just popped to the shops, I’ll be back soon, Love mum xx’ I groan as you check the time 9:58. Who goes to the shops at this time? She better be back soon, Jessie will be here in about 2 hours. I grab a bowl out of the cupboard and put some cereal in the bowl; I pour some milk and sit down next to Kane. Once I get bored of SpongeBob I wash my bowl then head upstairs to take a shower. I dry my hair and look out the window to check the weather, its actually sunny today so I raid my wardrobe and decide on this http://www.google.co.uk/
I do my make up and straighten my hair. By this time its 11:45. I go downstairs to wait for Jessie to find mum emptying shopping bags.
Jessie’s POV
I’m on my way to Jas’s house, in the car with my mum. I’m wearing http://www.google.co.uk/
It looks boiling today. Phewww. I pull up to Jas’s house, jump out of the car and run up her path way to knock on the door. Jas answers with a massive smile on her face, laughs then runs out the door and drags me with her. We hop in the car and have a quick catch up as my mum drives us to SHOPPING HEAVEN! We walk around town going in to every shop, I mean hey we’re girls okay? As we walk out of like the 12th shop we stop as we feel cold droplets dripping down on us, we run back inside the shop as it starts to pour down! Looks like we didn’t pay attention to the weather today! We look around the shop and find an umbrella, we buy it of course and walk back outside. We start to walk to subway to grab some lunch when my wet paper primark bag rips and drops everything i bought on to the soaking wet floor!
Jas’ POV
We bend down to pick up all Jessie things when 2 pairs of shoes suddenly come in to view, they bend down and help us pick everything up, we stand up to meet the faces behind the stylish shoes. Wow just wow, these 2 lads are hot! One with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes wearing simply trousers, a polo t-shirt and high tops, the other having flick brown hair and beautiful light green wearing a stripey t-shirt, suspenders and TOMs. As the blonde one hands me the things he had picked up he holds on to my hands just a tiny bit too long as he tells me in the most adorable Irish accent that his name is Niall, i stare in to is dreamy eyes as I tell him my name. I look to my left to see Jessie and the boy who is named Louis laughing about I don’t know what. We stand there and joke around a bit but then we thank the boys and invite them to subway with us as thanks for helping us.
Nialls POV
Wow did that really just happen. Me and Louis just bumped in to two gorgeous girls! Then they invited us for food....hmm food;) of course me and Louis went with them. We order our sandwiches and sit down together. We all start to talk and I learn loads more about Jas, wow she’s beautiful and I think Louis feels the same about Jessie. ‘We had a great time today girls, but we have gotta go meet our friends’ I tell the girls checking the time. ‘By any chance would you like our numbers?’ Louis asked them nervously. ‘Uhh sure’ Jessie replies with a smile. I give mine to Jas and Louis gives his to Jessie then we head off. As we walk to the car me and Louis talk about the past hour and we both agree it was amazing!

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