What Makes You Beautifu

this is a Niall Horan fanfic.
tell me if i should continue


3. chapter three

Jas’s POV
Jessie slept over last night, oh what a night. We had hardly any sleep, we were up all night talking about Niall and Louis..hehe. I woke up cause of a text message from my phone, why oh why do i put my volume on full. I look at the screen squinting my eyes feeling blinded by the brightness, Jessie is still sleeping but is wide awake as I hit her and shake her, shouting...’ITS NIALL! OMG NIALL TEXT ME! GET UP JESSIE!’ She groans but listens and sits up, tiredly with a hint of sarcasim she says ‘Omg really! What did he say?’ I shove the phone in her face and watch her eyes widen and she lips the message. ‘Him and Louis want to meet up with us! OMG what am I gonna wear, I didn’t bring any other clothes!’ she says as she jumps out of her bed and walks over to my wardrobe, she can just borrow something, she always does. While she chooses what we will both wear I tie my hair in a bun and hop in the shower. When i get out I see she has chosen us basically the same thing, she loves it when we sort of match. We are bother wearing skinny jeans, but me wearing a bright red t-shirt and my red converse and my black leather jacket and her wearing a green t-shirt, green converse and just a normal jacket. We’re meeting them at the park in 15 minutes so we go downstairs and have a piece of toast before leaving.
Louis’ POV
I and Niall both say ‘wow’ as we see Jas and Jessie walking towards us, it was defiantly a good idea to ask them to hang out with us. We sit down on a bench and just talk and laugh for ages, mucking around with each other, like people say ‘Time Flies When Your Having Fun’ it most certainly does, cause we don’t realise it’s started to get dark. We offer to walk to the girl home, I walk Jessie home and Niall walks Jas. I go in for a hug with Jas as i say goodbye to her and Niall hugs Jessie, before we walk separate ways I tell Niall to meet me back at my apartment. Wow Jessie is really beautiful, she’s so funny and she has an amazing personality. As we walk home we joke around more, I realise that she’s like me, very immature for our age. As we enter the street she lives on I try to guess which house is hers ‘Nope’ she says as i guess most houses....finally the last house at the end of the road is hers, before she walks up the pathway I grab her wrist. ‘Jessie, ive had a really good time today’ ‘Me too’ she replies with a beautiful smile, and i just cant help myself but to give her a kiss on the cheek, she laughs and walks down the pathway and turns back for one last glance at me before she goes in to her house. I walk home by myself, not letting anything take the smile off my face.
Nialls POV
After walking Jas home her mum caught us talking outside and invited me in for dinner, it was really awkward, but I really liked Jas so I wanted to meet her family. I go inside and the smell of delicious pizza hits me, mhhhhm. I sit down with Jas and her little brother Kane. Once dinner is over I thank Jas’s mum and Jas walks me outside, I smile at her and thank her. I’m so shy, i know Louis would have kissed Jessie, but I’m just to nervous, so i give Jas another hug and tell her I’ll text her. When I get back to the flat I’m confronted by Louis asking so many questions like ‘Where have you been?’ ‘Why did it take so long?’ I tell him that I stayed for dinner and he just laughs. We sit down and tell each other what happened “It’s really weird, I have only know her for a day, but I really like her” Louis tells me “Same with me” I tell him.

*Within the rest of the week they meet up multiple times*

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