What Makes You Beautifu

this is a Niall Horan fanfic.
tell me if i should continue


4. chapter four

Jas’s POV
It’s Sunday morning, today I drive to Wales. Back to boarding school for the term. I love it there, I love being with my friends and I guess learning isn’t so bad, I do miss my family and sometimes I do get quite homesick, but the girls always cheer me up. Jessie and I usually do things together but we drive to Wales separately cause we have so much stuff! I finish packing the last of my things and start to load it all in the car, I take what I need, clothes obviously! School stuff, my laptop ect. I jump in the car next to Kane and we set off for Wales! Kane is too young for boarding school at the moment but he enjoys the car ride. As we pull in to the student car park at the school I see the girls are already here, while their parents unpack their stuff I see Jessie, Rosie, Louise and Grace standing chatting. I jump out the car and run up to the girls and hug them all tight! After a small gossip I help my parents with my stuff. All our parents take us to our dorm and stand tear-filled in the corridor as they say goodbye....so embarrassing sometimes! When they leave me and Jessie go in to our dorm and Rosie, Louise and Grace go in to theirs. We all agreed we would unpack then meet up in the lounge. Me and Jessie share a room and the others share one, theirs is slightly bigger than ours but there is one more of them! Me and Jessie unpack our things all giddy and excited to be back( never thought I would say I was excited to be back at school) We lock our dorm and head down to the lounge, we see Rosie and Louise sitting in our usual place, a nice sofa by the window, we sit down with them.
“Where’s Grace?” I asked them
“She met a cute boy, they’re over there talking” Rosie says as she points over to the corner.
“Oh right” I say in a flirty voice, Grace is boy- obsessed, she is such a flirt, but shes a good one!:L

Grace’s POV
“So, I haven’t seen you here before, is this your first year?” I say to the extremely cute boy I had just met!
“Yeah, me and 4 friends!” The cute boy said
“I’m Grace, 4 friends? Well 4 of my bestfriends are sitting over there, maybe we could all meet up?” I say hopefully.
“I’m Zayn, and yeah, I’ll text my friends to come down here now” Zayn says pulling his phone out of his pocket.
Zayn, what a cute name! He is amazingly hot, dark hair and gorgeous brown eyes!
“They’re on their way down now” Zayn says with a smile on his face.
A few minutes later 4 guys walk up behind Zayn and greet him. Woah, his friends are hot too!
The 6 of us walk back over to the girls to introduce everyone.

Jessie’s POV
We weren’t talking about much until Grace came up behind us and tapped my shoulder; I turn around to see 5 of the hottest guys ever! Wait a minute....2 of them I recognise. 
“Jessie!” Louis says excitedly as he walks over to me and gives me a big hug.
“Louis” I say all surprised “What are you doing here?”I ask
“I go to school here, first year here, I didn’t know you went here?” He says with his wonderful smile
“Yeah, wow I cant believe this, this is going to be a great year!” I say with a massive smile on my face.
Louis gives me another hug and we turn around to see Niall and Jas just as shocked as we were to see eachother.
“Well isn’t this an amazing surprise” Jas says to me
“Amazing” I repeat
We turn to see Rosie, Louise and Grace looking a bit confused, as we sit down and explain to them how we know Niall and Louis we learn the names of the 2 other friends of Zayn, Louis and Niall.
One is called Liam and he has brown hair and lovely brown eyes, he also has the cutest little birthmark on his neck, he seems quite shy but he sits down next to Rosie and they start talking. The other boy is Harry, he has beautiful brow curls and gorgeous green eyes, he has a cute smile too, he sits down next to Louise and we all start chatting.
We all get quite bored and run out of things to say so we decide to play a game of ‘Truth or Dare’

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