This story is about a young girl who wanted to be in love with Harry styles and she fears that she will get in to trouble off her ex


12. The surprise

Gemma's Pov  

ok so while I was in there he told me who's it was he said it was Harry's and I was so happy that I couldn't say anything to Harry when I walked out. He said what's r

wrong is it ur ex baby. I said no there yours. And we'll he told me I was only 2 weeks pregnant  and I was so happy  because it was he's. 

Harry's Pov 

so when she walked out she couldn't say anything and then I ask if it was her ex she said no and then she told me  that she was 2 weeks pregnant and she was so happy and so was I.

Gemma's Pov 

So we get in the car and we hold hands while he was driving with one hand and then we got home where Liam,Louis,Niall and zayn where there they said to me and Harry that they bought us house just for us we were so exited. They showed us the house and it was so beautiful it was so clean and when we walked inside we had everything that a house has like tv and  stuff like that and the boys bought us baby clothes and all the baby stuff actual and we thanked them. So at night harry asked if we could do it again I said no because the baby   


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