This story is about a young girl who wanted to be in love with Harry styles and she fears that she will get in to trouble off her ex


9. The pregnancy test

Gemma's Pov 

ok so I woke up in the morning felling sick and then I thought I could be pregnant so I walked to my chemist and looked for a pregnancy test I couldn't discide what one to choose so I took one of each that cost $100 . So I went back home and  took all of the pregncy test and one of them tells u if its a boy or a girl so I went down stairs for an hour I came back to Harry staring at the pregnancy test and saying um ur pregnant I'm like no I'm not give it to me I look I was and I screamed then I went to the test that can tell u want it was it said u have to wait a day. 

Harrys Pov 

omfg I'm going to be a dad I'm so exited but I'm to young what have I done well I hope it's a boy and if its not ill still love it 

gemmas Pov 

I hope is a girl because ill love to have a boy too but ill still love it if its a boy or a girl. So I call my friend Rose and tell her that I'm pregnant she screamed I then she said I'm coming over .

Rose Pov 

so I got there and I said who's the dad she said Harry styles I'm like yeah right then harry styles came out and kissed her on the lips 

gemmas Pov 

so I call my local doctor to see if I can have an appointment  he said in 2weeks I said y he said because where full for this week and Nexts week so I just said Monday 

mum Pov 

ok so I get a call that gemmas having a baby and I scream and said ur an idiot 


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