This story is about a young girl who wanted to be in love with Harry styles and she fears that she will get in to trouble off her ex


10. It's it a boy or a girl

Gemma's Pov 

So I got up to see what my baby was I picked it up and looked it said girl and boy I was like I'm having twins I'm really happy but how am I going to tell Harry that I'm having twins. He came in and he me  and gave me a big kiss I told him and he was so happy because he wanted a boy and I wanted a girl so we got what we wanted 

Harry's Pov

so I walk in to the toilet and gave Gemma a hug nod a big kiss and she tolded me that we are having twins I as so happy because we both got what we wanted anyway I went down and told the boys they said congrats on the baby 


sorry guys its short but it only take a little bit of a 2 paragraphs   


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