This story is about a young girl who wanted to be in love with Harry styles and she fears that she will get in to trouble off her ex


8. I'm readly

Gemma's Pov 

ok u know how I wasn't ready well now I am ok Harry's in the shower I have to look sexy and hot. 

Harrys Pov 

ok she said she wasn't ready ok maybe today she is I hope she is ok so I walk out of the bathroom and walk into my room and there is Gemma in a sexy short dress I'm like wow u look hot

gemmas Pov 

ok he walked in and said that a was sexy and hot well he came over and kissed me on the lip when he kissed me it felt really good  then he lays me down on the bed then he takes off my short dress and then I took off he's towel and then he took off my bra and undies and then we went up and down and it felt really good I loved it 

Harry's Pov 

ok so I took off her dress and then she took off my towel and I took off everything else that was on her we went up and down and I felt like I was in heaven that's how good it felt when we stop she was laying down on my chest and she said that was good I asked her if it was her first time and she said yes while I went to the toilet I relized that I didn't put a condom on so that may mean she will get pregnant 

gemmas Pov 

Well I layed down on to his chest and we stared to talk and then he got up and went to the toilet then I was looking around to see if he put a condom on I don't think he did  


sorry guys I haven't updated it but this is for hazzas girl💋 and the girl named Gemma is not he's sister it's a different Gemma but thank u guys for reading this ❤

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