This story is about a young girl who wanted to be in love with Harry styles and she fears that she will get in to trouble off her ex


1. Her dreams

Gemma's Pov
Gemma kiss me I love. Gemma wake up Gemma her mum says. Your going to be late for school. Dam I missed the dream I had. Gemma got ready for school. Mum I'm going to walk to school screamed Gemma. No your not remember what happened last time yelled her mum. Yeah so he didn't kill me said Gemma. On the way to school a black van stop and the guy said get in the car she said no so he grab her and put her in the back. Then when see looked around one direction popped out of no where and said hi Gemma screamed. On the way to there house Gemma just looking at Harry.

Sorry I know it's short but the story goes to hazzas girl

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