Summer Love

Summer hasn't thought about what happened all those years ago for a very long time, but those memories are forced back to her when her 17-year-old daughter, Darcy, needs to write a story based on something that actually happened. As these memories come back, will Summer have to re-think everything she did that summer and in the end, did she make the right choice?


3. What's his name?


Summer Love

Chapter Two - What's his name?


“Hey dad, Sandra! I’m home.” I yelled as I walked in the door.

“Hello sweetheart. Where have you been?” my dad said as he walked out of the kitchen, “And whose shirt is that?”
I looked down at what I was wearing, totally forgetting I still had Harry’s shirt,

“Oh, it’s, um, Katie’s brother’s shirt. I went to her house and I spilled coffee on myself and she is a lot smaller than I, so he lent me one of his.” I lied. Ever since my boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend now, cheated on me, my dad wasn’t too big a fan of me hanging out with guys. Probably he was just too scared I’d get hurt again.

“Okay, well I have to take your sister to her piano lesson. Sandra is just in the kitchen, I think she is baking.” my father replied

“Okay.” I replied as I walked into the kitchen.

“Hi Sandra.”
“Oh hello Summer. Where have you been?” she asked cheerfully

“Um, I was just out.”

“Okay…” she said and she turned back, “So what’s his name?”
“What’s whose name?” I asked innocently, as if I had no clue what she was saying. She turned around and gave me a look,

“You know you were hanging out with a boy and didn’t tell your father because of what happened with Andrew.” Sandra placed whatever she was baking in the oven, turned it on and then came and sat with me at the kitchen island, “So come on, spill the beans. Tell me what happened.”

I sighed; Sandra always knew when I was lying, especially when it came to boys,

“Well I was walking on the boardwalk and a guy who was running and wasn’t paying attention crashed into me. I spilled my coffee on me and he offered to take me back to his place and get me a shirt. We started talking and hanging out, played twenty questions and then, um, we almost, uh, ye know…”
“You almost kissed him? Is he cute? What’s he like? What’s his name?” Sandra started bombarding me with questions.

“Well, he is beyond adorable. He is really sweet and so funny. He’s like a freaking cupcake.” I laughed at the joke I made.

“What’s his name?” she asked


Sandra choked on her glass of water, “Okay, well I was reading an article that said Harry Styles was here in Florida… is there any chance that…?”

I nodded slowly and Sandra freaked out,

“HOLY WOW OH MY GOD! You almost kissed Harry-flippin-Styles. I see your sister looking at him all the time, he sure is a cutie.”

“Yea. And he is so nice too.”

“Did you invite him to the beach bash tonight?”

Shit. I totally forgot. The beach bash is an annual thing this beach does. It’s basically a huge party with dancing, swimming, drinking and a bunch of other fun stuff. I should’ve invited Harry and the rest of One Direction. Maybe they will hear about it and come. I sure did hope so. I wanted to see Harry again.

“Shoot. I totally forgot. Hopefully he’ll hear about it and be there, because I really want to see him.”
“I have never heard you like this before, not even when you are dating Andrew.” Sandra laughed.

“I just, I don’t know. We almost kissed and when our hands touched, I just felt something I have never felt before. It was so different.”
“Like love at first sight?” she asked

“Normally I would say no, but right now I don’t think I can say that anymore.” I replied as pictures of Harry began to run through my head.

“Well the bash starts in an hour. Come on,” she said standing up and stretching her arm out to me.

“Where are we going?”
“Harry could be there. You have to look hot.”

I smiled and followed Sandra upstairs. She curled my hair in loose ringlets and put a little bit of mascara and eyeliner. After my face and hair were done, we went to pick out my outfit. We finally picked out a purple strapless dress and some white flip-flops with wedged heals.

“Hey Sandra?” I asked as I was putting on my shoes

“Yea hun?”
“Thank you. You are the coolest person ever.” I said and hugged her.

“You are very welcome sweetheart. Now you should go.”

I nodded and left.


When I got to the party, I walked over and got a soda. I looked around for my friends, but couldn’t see anyone. I remembered most of them were away for the summer, so now I really hoped Harry would come. Just then, a familiar voice spoke up from behind me,

“Hey Summer… long time, no see.”

I scowled and turned around, “What do you want Andrew?”

“I just wanted to know if you wanted to dance, maybe hang out tonight?”

“Not really Andrew… you slept with another girl before you and I had even slept together.”

“I am a guy, I have needs, but I still love you.”

“If you really loved me, you would’ve waited until I was ready and not slept with someone else.”

“Oh come on Summer. Just one night of you and I hanging out like old times. You are here alone and I am too. Maybe you can remember why we were so much in love.” He said and he grabbed my wrist and started to drag me towards the dance floor.

“Let go Andrew.” I scowled

“No, just come on.” He said, getting impatient.

“Where are you going with my date?” a British accent said from behind me. Andrew looked up and instantly dropped my wrist. I turned around to see Harry.

“This is your date Summer?” Andrew asked

“Um, yea, Andrew, this is Harry, my date for this evening.”

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” Harry said, kinda coldly

“Uh huh, whatever.” Then Andrew turned to me, “I guess I will see you around. You owe me a dance.” Then he walked away. I turned to Harry,

“Thank you Harry. I really didn’t want to go with him.”

“Yea, I could tell and I didn’t want you to get hurt. He seems kinda scary.”
“He is… he is incredibly intimidating.”

Harry just nodded. We stood there awkwardly in silence until Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol came on. Harry reached his arm out,

“Summer, would you like to dance?”

I smiled at my feet and then looked up and nodded, “I’d love to.” and I grabbed his hand. He led me to the dance floor and we started to make our way to the dance floor. He gently placed his hands on my hips and I wrapped my arms around his neck. As we danced, we slowly moved closer and closer until we were pressed up against each other, my face buried in his chest. I could feel Harry’s breath against my ear. We continued to dance and when the chorus came, I felt a smile creep across my face as he sang in my ear,

“If I lay here. If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world. Forget what we’re told before we get too old. Show me a garden that’s bursting into life. All that I am, all that I ever was, is here in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see.”

I pulled away and looked up into Harry’s piercing green eyes. The next thing I knew, Harry and I were both leaning in and finally what I had been waiting for all day happened; Harry’s soft plump lips pressed against mine.

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