Summer Love

Summer hasn't thought about what happened all those years ago for a very long time, but those memories are forced back to her when her 17-year-old daughter, Darcy, needs to write a story based on something that actually happened. As these memories come back, will Summer have to re-think everything she did that summer and in the end, did she make the right choice?


22. Wedding Planning

Summer Love

Chapter Twenty-One – Wedding Planning


I shook the image of Harry’s face from my mind and smiled at Noah. We both stood up and he immediately wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a kiss.

“I can’t wait to call you Mrs. Doyle,” he whispered against my lips.

“I can’t wait to be Mrs. Doyle.” I replied and we kissed again. The room filled with awes and cheers. I was telling the truth, I really couldn’t wait to be Mrs. Doyle.


**One Month Later**

I was in my dorm working on my creative writing summative project. We had to write a fantasy, so I wrote one about a princess who didn’t want to be a princess and so wished upon a star and woke up a normal girl. Then she lives a normal life but ends up missing her old life, but can’t get back to it, but finally she does and lives happily ever after.

It sounds stupid and corny, I know, but my teacher liked my idea. As I was finishing my story, I heard my door open and then I felt a pair of strong hands start to rub my shoulders,

“Hey babe,” Noah said as he rubbed, “Almost done your project?”

“Yea, almost.”

“Want to take a break?” he asked.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Want to go to Starbucks and do a little wedding planning?”

I smiled. We haven’t even started planning our wedding, so that would be something fun to do, “Yea sure. Let’s go.”

He took my hand and we walked to the Starbucks that was just off campus. We decided to sit outside because even though it was only the end of April, it was still very warm out.

“So, where should we start?” Noah asked

“How about a date? That’s a good place to start.”
“When do you want to get married?”
“Well,” I thought for a moment about the date, “I want to get married after a graduate from University, but I just don’t know what time of year.”

“What about summer? We could do a nice summer wedding down in Miami. We could do it on the beach you live near.”
“That’s a great idea.” I exclaimed and quickly wrote down what Noah had said, “So we will get married the summer after we graduate.”

“So we have the place and the season. Should we think of a date?”

“I think we should plan the guest list a little bit, and check when the people we 100% want to be there can come.”

“Sounds good. Speaking of people we want there, what about bridesmaids and groomsmen?” Noah asked

“Yea. Who do you want to be your groomsmen?”

“Um, lets see… I think I’d want my older brother, Mark and my two roommates, Tyler and Nick, then my best friend Tom from New York to be my best man. What about your bridesmaids and maid of honor?”

“Well, I defiantly want Diana as my maid of honor. She has been there for me through everything. As for bridesmaids, Kristy defiantly, and then I was thinking about Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie. For the guest list, I would say maybe 200 people, max.”
“Okay, so invite people, and for those who aren’t married, give them a plus one?” Noah suggested.

“Sure, and people who have kids should also get a plus however many kids they have.”

“Sounds good. Who do you want to invite?”


Noah and I started to plan out our guest list and after two hours and three Starbucks drinks each, we had about 150 people.

“Are you going to invite One Direction?” Noah asked. I hadn’t even thought of that. Would I invite the boys? Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie all had a plus one, so they would probably bring Liam, Louis and Zayn. Would I invite Niall and Harry? For some reason I think it would be completely cruel to invite Harry after he just me he loved me, but I also really want him there.

“Would you be upset if I did?”

He let out a small laugh, “Of course not Summer. These boys are your friends, plus I would love to meet them.”

“Okay, well I already know that Liam, Louis and Zayn will be Dani, El and Perrie’s plus-one, so I will send out a separate invitation to Niall and Harry.”

“Sounds good. I think three hours of planning today is enough, let’s head back to campus.”

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

“Um, let’s go back to my room. The guys are watching a movie with their girlfriends and they want you to come.”

“Okay.” I agreed. I had never really met Tyler and Nick’s girlfriends. They were at my birthday party, but I didn’t talk to them much.


(A/N I’m going to skip the movie because nothing important happens)


**The Next Morning**

I woke up and checked my texts. I had two, one from Diana, just telling me she was going to be out for the day, but she wanted me to meet her at Nando’s at eight for dinner, because her and I haven’t hung out together in a really long time.

The other one was from Noah:
<From Noah: Hey babe, I just asked Mark, Tyler, Nick and Tom to be groomsmen which they all agreed. Don’t forget to tell Diana, as well as call Kristy, Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie>
SHIT! I totally forgot to tell Kristy I was engaged. When I called my parents to tell them, she was out, but I told them I wanted to tell her personally. It was 10:00am on Saturday, so Kristy was probably home. I quickly dialed her number, she picked up on the second ring,

Kristy – Hello?
Me – Hey Kris, it’s Summer!
Kristy – Oh hey Summer! I haven’t head from you in forever. What’s up?
Me – Okay, promise you won’t get mad?
Kristy – Mad about what?
Me – Look Kristy, I really meant to tell you but it just totally slipped my mind and-

Kristy – Just spit it out Summer.

Me – Noah proposed!

Me – Yes I am! I’m engaged.

Kristy – You’re lucky, if I wasn’t so happy for you I’d be pissed you forgot to tell me. When is the wedding?
Me – Next summer down at the beach.

Kristy – Oh you always wanted to get married there!

Me – Yup, anyways I called because I had to ask you something very important.

Kristy – What is it?
Me – Will you please be one of my bridesmaids? Pretty please?

Kristy – Umm… let me think… umm… hum… uh HELL YEA!

Me – I’m glad you want to.

Kristy – Who are my fellow maids of honor?

Me – Well, I still need to ask them, but Eleanor Calder, Perrie Edwards and Danielle Peazer and Diana will be my maid of honor.

Kristy – Oh my god, I’m going to be co-bridesmaids with El, Perrie and Dani?
Me – Yup.

Kristy – Speaking of them, you inviting the boys?
Me – Yea… I’m pretty sure I will.

Kristy – Okay, well I should go. I’ll talk to you soon okay?
Me – Okay. I’ll be home in about a month.

Kristy – Can’t wait. Bye

Me – Bye.


Next I had to call Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie. Hopefully they will be able to come down.

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