Summer Love

Summer hasn't thought about what happened all those years ago for a very long time, but those memories are forced back to her when her 17-year-old daughter, Darcy, needs to write a story based on something that actually happened. As these memories come back, will Summer have to re-think everything she did that summer and in the end, did she make the right choice?


7. Promises

Summer Love

Chapter Six - Promises


Only minutes later, Harry stopped his car. He got out and then walked around to the other side of the car, opened the door and helped me out.

“Thank you.” I blushed

“You are welcome.” he responded with a smile. His fingers intertwined with mine and he led me onto the beach. We walked for about two minutes when I saw it. There was a picnic blanket sitting on the beach with candles all around it, giving the setting a warm glow. I notice Harry look over at me, expecting to hear what I thought, but I was just speechless. It was beautiful.

“So what do you think?” he asked. I still stood there, speechless. A worried look came across his face, “You don’t like it…”

I quickly turned to Harry, “No Harry! I love it. It’s beautiful… thank you.” I said and kissed his cheek. Relief crossed his face. He led me down to the blanket and we sat down. There were two plates with chicken and a mix of vegetables on them and it looked delicious.

“Harry, the food looks amazing! Did you cook this?” I asked

“I wish I could say yes and I am a good cook, but I owe this meal to Niall.”

“Well then, I guess you will have to show me your culinary skills another time.” I say with a smirk. Harry smiles and we begin our meal. When we finished our meal, Harry cleared the plates and glasses and we lay down on the blanket, looking up at the stars. I cuddled in close to Harry and he wrapped his arm me. Millions of questions ran through my head; were Harry and I dating? Was he my boyfriend? Did he feel the same way about me as I did for him?... and the question that was pondering me the most… how is it possible that I have fallen so fast for a stranger?

I looked up at Harry and he looked down at me, “Is everything alright love?” he asked

“Um, yea… everything’s fine.”
“Only fine? Well then how about I make it more than fine…”

I looked up at Harry and laughed, “How are you going to do that?”

“Look, I know we haven’t really known each other for that long and we have only ever been on two real dates, but I also know that I’ve never really felt this way about someone before. So Summer… will you be my girlfriend?”

I looked up at Harry. His piercing green orbs were looking down into my dull ones. I could tell he was being serious. Harry Styles, the boy who is a part of a world famous boyfriend, wants to be my boyfriend? I smiled at Harry,

“I’d be honored Harry.”

A big smile formed across his face and he leaned in and kisses me. The kiss was long and heated, but before it went any further, we remembered we were on a beach. We ate our meal, which was probably the best thing I ever ate.


Harry looked down at his watch, “Oh shit babe, it’s midnight. I should probably get you home.”

I quickly shot up, where had the time gone? “Oh shoot, yea. I think Kristy is home alone and she probably wants to go to bed, but hates sleeping when I’m not there. Let’s go!”

Harry and I pack up the picnic and we quickly get into his car and drive home. Once I get to my front door, I realize I forgot my key, so I knock on the door softly. Only seconds later, I hear the soft pitter patter of my little sister’s feet and then see the door open and her adorable little face.

“Oh hey, you’re back.” She says quietly.

“I’m so sorry. I totally lost track of time.”

“It’s alright,” she says with a smile, “I was watching Pitch Perfect and didn’t even realize how late it was. Where were you?”
“I was out with my boyfriend.”

A smile came across her face and she quietly teased, “Ohhhh Summer’s got a boyfriend!!! What’s his name? Is he cute? Is he a dick like Andrew was?” she started bombarding me with questions.

“First of all, watch your language missy. And second of all, would you like to meet him?”

She nodded. She has always been a little shy, but she wanted to meet him so she could tease me later… little did she know who I was about to bring inside. I turn to Harry, who is in his car and wave him over. He gets out and walks towards the house. When my sister looks up at him, her face drops,

“Holy mother flubber! You’re Harry Styles!!!!”

Harry laughed, “Yes, yes I am. It’s very nice to meet you Kristy. Summer has told me so much about you.”

Kristy blushed and we all went and sat on the couch in the living room. Kristy teased me; she even asked Harry, “Why are you dating my sister? You must have better options out there.”

We all laughed, because it was very obvious that she was teasing with the tone of voice she used. A few minutes later, I got up to get Harry and I some tea and a hot chocolate for Kristy. As I was making the hot chocolate, I overheard Kristy talking to Harry,

“Harry?” she asked

“Yea Kristy?”

“Can you promise me one thing?”

“Of course. Anything.”

“Promise me that you will never hurt Summer. Her last boyfriend was awful and totally destroyed her. Summer is amazing and the best sister ever and I love her and I hate to see her sad. Just promise me that you will never hurt her. Never make her cry.”

I smiled at what she said. She may be only twelve and could be very immature at times, but she could also be very grown up. My smile became even bigger when I heard Harry’s response,

“I promise all that and one more thing. I promise that your sister will be the last girl I ever love.”

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