Summer Love

Summer hasn't thought about what happened all those years ago for a very long time, but those memories are forced back to her when her 17-year-old daughter, Darcy, needs to write a story based on something that actually happened. As these memories come back, will Summer have to re-think everything she did that summer and in the end, did she make the right choice?


19. Not Anymore

Summer Love

Chapter Eighteen – Not Anymore


I closed my laptop and picked up Harry’s shirt for the second night in a row. I told myself I am over him and that he is over me, but he isn’t. Now I can’t help but ask myself: am I over him? Don’t get me wrong. I’m with Noah and he is amazing at I love him so much. But there is something about Harry. There always has been something that draws me back to Harry and now that I know that he still loves me, I can’t help but wonder if I really love Noah as much as I think I do.

Just then, the door opened and Diana walked in and walked straight to her bed and had her back turned to me. She instantly started talking

“Hey girlie! How was your weekend? The journalism trip to Boston was amazing. It’s such an amazing city. I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life and have never been there before! So did you spend the whole weekend here or did you go out or-” she instantly stopped talking when she saw me with my eyes and cheeks all red and puffy from the tears, “Oh my god Summer! What happened babe? Did Noah break up with you? I swear to god I am going to kill that little shit.”

I let out a sad laugh, “No, he didn’t break up with me, but he should. I am an awful girlfriend.”
“Why would you say that? What happened?”

“Did you see the Twitcam?” I asked

Diana’s face dropped, “Yea… I did,” she said sadly, “and I was really hoping you didn’t know about it and that you didn’t see it last night.”

“I didn’t see it last night. My sister messaged me the link and told me I had to watch it about twenty minutes ago, so I did and now I’m just questioning everything.”
“What do you mean?”

“I mean I keep telling myself Harry doesn’t think about me anymore. I tell myself not to think about him because I’m nothing to him anymore. I tell myself that I love Noah more than I’ve loved anyone ever, but in reality,”

“You think you just love Noah in attempt to get over Harry?” Diana finished for me

“Yes, well, look; I am sure that I love Noah, but I don’t think I love him as much as I think I do.”

“Well Summer, you are kind of stuck at a crossroad here. I mean, it’s wrong to lead Noah on that, but you still do have some kind of love for him. You two have only been together for just over a month. Maybe if you give him more time, you will truly begin to forget Harry and start to feel a stronger love for Noah.”
All I did was shrug and say, “It’s worth a shot,”




“Bye babe. Thanks so much for coming down. I really missed you.” I said as I gave Noah a tight hug. I had listened to Diana’s advice and I am so glad I did. Everyday I could feel myself falling more and more in love with Noah. Real love this time. He really was the sweetest guy on earth, always randomly sending me flowers and sending me sweet texts. He was there when I needed him and it’s like he could always tell when I wanted to be alone.

He was also the first boy I ever slept with and that was probably the best night of my life. It had felt so right.

Noah had been staying with me here in Florida for the past week. I offered for him to stay with me for the rest of the summer, my parents really liked him and Kristy did too, but he had to get ready for the beginning of the school year.

“I really missed you too love. I loved meeting your family and spending time with them. I have to go or I’ll miss my flight, but I love you so much. I will see you in two weeks. Kay?” he said

“Okay.” I replied. We shared one more long, passionate, lingering kiss as paparazzi and fans’ cameras flashed. I didn’t care about them anymore; Noah was all that mattered. Once we pulled away, he picked up his suitcase, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then left.

Once he was past security, out of my sight, I started to leave, wondering what the heck I would do for the rest of the summer. One Direction never came down this summer. The lights to their place were always out and I didn’t once see a car in the driveway. It was too bad, because I really miss them and really want to see them. I figure I will spend the rest of the summer the same way I started it; just chilling with my family.


I was driving home in my convertible with the roof down, soaking in as much of the final rays of sun. I turned in to my neighborhood; I drove past the boys’ house. Normally I just drive by, not even bothering to look to see if anyone could possibly be there, but this time, something caught my eye. I saw three cars sitting in the driveway; Liam’s punch buggy, Zayn’s convertible and Harry’s Range rover. I slammed on the breaks and parked my car on the side of the road. I walked up to their house, forcing myself not to sprint and burst right through the door. These guys are my best friends and I haven’t seen them in almost a year. When I finally got to the front door, I was about to knock when something stopped me. What if Harry opened the door? Would I hug him? Would he be happy to see me? What if he asked if we could get back together? All sorts of questions were running through my head when somebody’s voice on the other side of the door stopped me,

“Lads, I’m just going to go over to her house and bring her here.” I recognized Louis voice.

“Awe but I want to see her too!” I heard Niall whine.

“That’s why I am bringing her here Ni!” Louis yelled back

“Why can’t we all go?” I heard Zayn ask.

“Because then we will be at her place for too long and then it’ll be too late and she won’t want to come over and have movie night and all that.”
“Fine…” Liam sighed.

I heard the door unlock and open. I looked up as Louis blue eyes met mine,

“SUMMER!?” he yelled excitedly and then I heard pounding footsteps coming closer and closer until Liam, Niall and Zayn came into my view.

“HOLY SHIT! SUMMER WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Niall asked with A LOT of excitement. Before I could answer, the four boys wrapped me in a suffocating hug.

“Can’t- breathe- guys- loosen- up-” I managed to choke out.

“Oh sorry.” Liam said and the four of them pulled away.

“Anyways, I was coming home from the airport and I saw your cars in the driveway, so I came to say hi.”

“We were just on our way to come get you for a movie night and catch up with you because we missed our best friend!!! So do you want to join us?” Niall asked.

“I’d love to!” I smiled and started to walk in the house but I froze in the doorway, “Wait… is, um, HE here?” I asked

Louis stopped and turned to me, “He refused to come down. He is too scared to face you.”
“But he does really miss you and still loves you.”
“I miss him too.”

“Do you still love him?” he asked me.

That wasn’t something I had thought about that in a long time. Do I still love him? Even the tiniest bit?

I looked up at Louis,

“No. Not anymore.”


[A/N] Okay, so the book is going to start jumping ahead very quickly because otherwise the book is going to be very long movella. So thanks for reading and have a fantastical day. 

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