Summer Love

Summer hasn't thought about what happened all those years ago for a very long time, but those memories are forced back to her when her 17-year-old daughter, Darcy, needs to write a story based on something that actually happened. As these memories come back, will Summer have to re-think everything she did that summer and in the end, did she make the right choice?


23. 'No'

Summer Love

Chapter Twenty-Two – 'No'


I dialed Eleanor’s number first, knowing that she was probably not busy and possibly with the other girls. She picked up on the second ring,


“Hey El! It’s Summer.”
“Aha, I knew it was you, I have caller ID.”

“Whatever. Anyways, are the other girls with you?”
“Um, Dani is, but Perrie is in the studio?”
“Do you think she is recording right now?”
“Nope, she is probably on break. Why?”

“I want to tell you all together. Can you put the phone on speaker while I bring Dani into the conversation?”
I quickly dialed Perrie’s number and she picked up on the second ring,

“Hey Summer. What’s up?”

“You busy right now Perrie?”
“Nope, just taking a break. What’s up?”
“Well, you are conferenced in with Dani and El too because I have something important to ask you three?”
“What is it?” Dani asked

“Well, what are you three up to next summer?”
“Um… well the guys aren’t on tour.” Eleanor said

“And neither am I.” Perrie added

“So I don’t think we are doing anything. Why?”
“Well, Noah and I are wedding planning and we decided to get married the summer after we graduate. I really want you girls there because I want you three to be my bridesmaids. So will you do it?”

It was silent for a moment but then my three friends all yelled at the top of their lungs into the phone, “YES!”

I laughed, “Fantastic.”
“Are you inviting the boys?” Eleanor asked.

“Um, yea I am. I figured Liam, Louis and Zayn would already come as your plus ones, and so I decided to invite Niall and Harry too.”
“Will it be hard to have him there?” Perrie asked.

“Who? Harry? No, it won’t be. The thing is, I want to continue to be close with you and the rest of the guys, so I want Harry and I to be friends, or at least be civil with each other.”
“Oh. Okay.”

“Yea. Well I will call you girls later when I have more stuff figured out.”

“Okay, bye babe. We miss you so much.” Eleanor said.

“I miss you girls too. Bye.” I said and hung up the phone.


**A little more than a year later**


“… Students of Yale’s graduating class of 2017, I am proud to say: WE DID IT!” I cheered and concluded my valedictorian speech. The entire crowd erupted in cheers and I got a ton of standing ovations. I looked out into the crowd at some of the familiar faces standing in the crowd. I first noticed my father and Sandra, who had eloped a couple of months ago, so she was officially my stepmother. Beside them were Kristy and her new boyfriend, Sean. A few rows away were Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie, who had come down this weekend and were going to stay and help me do final preparations for the wedding. Kristy still had another month of school, so she is going to finish that, spend two weeks of summer at home and then come join Dani, Eleanor, Perrie, Diana and I in the loft in New York City that my dad rented us, then in August, all of us and Noah will be heading down to Miami to get married. We decided to get married August 15th.


Almost everyone was able to come to the wedding. There were only two or three people who said they couldn’t come and we were only waiting for one person to RSVP: Harry. I had gotten all of the boy’s RSVPs over a month ago, but Harry’s never came.


I walked off stage, and instantly my parents ran up and congratulated me, on my speech and on graduating university. I was so happy to finally be done.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked university, but now I felt like everything was falling into place. I had just sent out my first completed novel to a bunch of publishers all over North America and Europe, hoping someone would want to publish my book. I didn’t care who wanted to publish my book, but if I had the choice of which I wanted to publish it, I would pick Hay House Publishers UK. I just hope someone likes it.


After all of the after parties and celebrations, the girls and I finally headed back to our flat. Diana, Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle all went straight to bed, but I stayed up and decided to call one of the boys and see about Harry’s RSVP. I figured they should be awake because if it is 1AM here, in London it’s about 7AM and the boys should be up getting ready for work now. I quickly dialed the number to the mansion the boys shared and someone picked up on the first ring,

“Hello?” I recognized the voice as Liam’s.

“Hey Liam it’s Summer.”
“Oh hello Summer! I haven’t heard from you in forever. How are you?”
“I’m fine thanks Li, but I know you have to get to work so I will make this quick.”
“Okay, what’s up love?”

“Is Harry coming to the wedding?”
“Um, I don’t know. He never told any of us what he answered… I don’t even think he has.”
“Yea. Sorry love. I will talk to him and get him to send it in.”
“Okay, thanks. I just really need to know for final seating plans and stuff.”
“Right. Well, I can’t wait to see you. I know the guys have really missed you.”
“I’ve really missed you guys too.”
“Well we need to head to the studio now, so I will see you August 15th.”
“See you then.” I said then hung up the phone.


Two weeks later, the final RSVP came in the mail. I couldn’t even bring myself to open it. Did I really want Harry there? Of course. Is it because I want to make amends with him and be friends? I’m not sure. What if he said no? Would I be sad? Would I understand? Why am I asking so many questions?

I just put all my fear behind me and opened up the envelope. I slowly pulled out the RSVP cared and glanced at it. Right there, I could see the little X Harry had made, and that little X was beside the word ‘No’.

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